DeSean Jackson: Good Image

Soaring Eagles

DeSean Jackson has had a history of hanging out with the wrong crowd and showboating on the field. What he has always been, is a team player. We all know the talent he brings to the table, and he is a superstar in the National Football League. What gets overlooked, is how good of a guy Jackson really is. He gets along with all his teammates, is very close with his coaches, and is an emotional guy. He gets a bad wrap as a “diva” because that’s how some wide receivers portray themselves to be.

The thing is, he was the best receiver on the Philadelphia Eagles last season. Despite the media’s magnifying glass in a negative light, Jackson endured an offseason where the team paid players from other teams. They had a memorable offseason by signing cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, defensive linemen Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins, and quarterback Vince Young. They extended the contract of Michael Vick, making him a $100 million franchise player.

DeSean Jackson had a $600k contract from his rookie deal, being drafted in the second round and making 2 Pro Bowls in the process. He made the Pro Bowl at 2 positions I might add, wide receiver and punt returner. Like many of you at your jobs, the man felt he deserved a raise, and quite frankly, he did. He outplayed his contract but had to risk his body for a whole season. How are you supposed to commit yourself to someone that doesn’t commit to you? He was ridiculed for dropping passes and not sacrificing his body to win games.

With anything in life, you can pick holes all you want and follow the trends, but in reality if things were that simple everyone would be good at something or have a solution. I’ll listen to opinions and take different perspectives into consideration, but my objectivity will not be persuaded by the mass media.

Philadelphia’s top 3 receiving targets from last season:

DeSean Jackson: 58 catches, 961 yards, 16.6 yards per catch, 4 touchdowns (and as usual, he returned the most punts on the team; played 15 of the 16 games)

Jeremy Maclin: 63 catches, 859 yards, 13.6 yards per catch, 5 touchdowns

Brent Celek: 62 catches, 811 yards, 13.1 yards per catch, 5 touchdowns

Talk About What You Know, Not What You Hear

People talk, but they don’t watch enough. They hear a story and accept it as fact. Poor reporting and false news are flooding our television screens with biased nonsense and filtered intentions. For example, Philadelphia booed Santa Claus in 1968. That was 44 years ago, yet the same image remains because the same people fill the crowds (sarcasm).

The Contract: 5 years, $47 million (up to $51 million with incentives)

No, he isn’t the only person, athlete, etc. to go through this type of situation. I’m happy for him and his new contract, I just want to show you the loyalty and team player that DeSean Jackson truly is.

Jackson is getting $15 million guaranteed. He could have played out the season with the franchise tender making $9.4 million. Many believe he would have made more financially from another team, perhaps overpaying to get him.

Jackson: I Want To Win A Super Bowl

Here’s a look at the deals of the other free agent wide receivers:

Calvin Johnson:7 years, $132 million, $60 million guaranteed, age 26, 2 Pro Bowls

Vincent Jackson: 5 years, $55 million, $26 million guaranteed, age 29, 2 Pro Bowls

DeSean Jackson: 5 years, $51 million, $15 million guaranteed, age 25, 2 Pro Bowls

Marques Colston: 5 years, $40 million, $19 million guaranteed, age 29

Pierre Garcon: 5 years, $42.5 million, $20.5 million guaranteed, age 25

Laurent Robinson: 5 years, $32.5 million, $14 million guaranteed, age 26

Robert Meachem: 4 years, $26 million, $14 million guaranteed, age 27

Reggie Wayne: 3 years, $17.5 million, $7.5 million guaranteed, age 33, 5 Pro Bowls

Good Guys

Not only DeSean Jackson, but Reggie Wayne showed loyalty and has a good relationship with his franchise (especially in the rebuilding process with the Colts). There are different styles of players, but as far as impact and production, DeSean Jackson took less guaranteed money than Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston, not to mention Pierre Garcon. He will only get $1 million more than Laurent Robinson and Robert Meachem. Obviously, Calvin Johnson broke the bank. I would not pay anyone $132 million but that’s a different story for another day.

The Eagles came out well financially, and Jackson got his raise and commitment without trying to maximize his value. Now, Philly has cap space for this offseason believe it or not. Perhaps running back LeSean McCoy is next in line for an extension. But all in all, Jackson produced through a season of adversity and it’s not about squeezing every penny.