2-QB System in NFL: Weaker Teams Could Follow Jets Lead

Let me tell you this: you don’t trade for a “backup” quarterback and give him a press conference. Tim Tebow handled the New York media in his debut. The Jets are going to make him an integral part of the offense. The “wildcat” offense is a nice way of saying the QB position will be split.

Love or hate them, he is a leader and a winner just like Mark Sanchez at both the college and pro level to an extent. They may be game managers as opposed to gunslingers, but they have stepped up in the clutch. Whether they run the 2-QB system I’m rooting for, or Tebow supplants Sanchez by mid-season or whatever, the guy will be on the field one way or another.

It’s funny, the exact moment the Jets traded for Tebow I expressed that they will run a dual-QB offense, much like LSU. Since then, I tweeted Skip Bayless and a few other personalities and I’m hearing my words echoing throughout the media slowly but surely.

I fully believe that the wildcat gimmick is playing the situation down because early. The draft is still a month away and you can’t show your hand to opponents. The gameplan alone will keep defenses guessing. Whether it results in victories or not remains to be seen, but I do consider the defensive-oriented Jets contenders. They will continue to run the football, and don’t forget Tebow was part of the #1 rushing attack in Denver last season. Rex Ryan took this team to 2 of the last 3 AFC Title games, one game away from the Super Bowl. That is the ultimate goal.

By switching up between Sanchez and Tebow, you minimize their mistakes and maximize their strengths, and you ride the hot hand. Whatever works. But yes, i am on the record by saying the Jets will run a 2-quarterback offense, something that the University of Hawaii has been famous for. And hey, if you have 2 capable players that don’t break the bank like Peyton Manning or Michael Vick then go for it. There’s not many “elite” quarterbacks, if you’re a struggling franchise like the Browns then it may give you the best chance to win with low-financial risks. And if a guy elevates to the next level as the clear leader, then you found your franchise guy.

Starting QB, or Starting QBs (with current rosters)

* You can sign, trade or draft a QB, and remember some QBs have big contracts so they have to be the guy.

* Objectivity is on the future not the past and big names do not always translate to productivity, truth hurts.

Arizona Cardinals – Kevin Kolb / John Skelton (2-QB system)
Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan (the darling of the NFL, put up or shut up)
Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco / Tyrod Taylor (2-QB system)
Buffalo Bills – Ryan Fitzpatrick (got a premature contract extension, gut feeling he won’t pan out)
Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton (too soon to tell, promising rookie season, gut feeling elite)
Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler (I think he will prove he is a franchise QB with a healthy season)
Cincinnati Bengals – Andy Dalton (too soon to tell, promising rookie season, gut feeling above average)
Cleveland Browns – Colt McCoy / Seneca Wallace (this should be the 2nd team running the 2-QB system)
Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo (needs to put his stamp on the team)

Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning (they say he’s healthy, and he’s elite when he plays)
Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford (on the rise, needs to continue to stay healthy)
Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers (MVP for a reason, all the tools)
Houston Texans – Matt Schaub (needs to stay healthy and take the next step)
Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck (predicted to be the first pick of the draft, the obvious starter)
Jacksonville Jaguars – Blaine Gabbert (too soon to tell)
Kansas City Chiefs – Matt Cassel (needs to stay healthy to grade him)
Miami Dolphins – Matt Moore / David Garrard (journeymen quarterbacks)
Minnesota Vikings – Christian Ponder (too soon to tell)
New England Patriots – Tom Brady (future Hall of Famer and still elite)
New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees (breaking records elite)
New York Giants – Eli Manning (definitely a franchise QB, flirting with the “elite” title)
New York Jets – Mark Sanchez / Tim Tebow (first team I’m predicting to run the 2-QB system this season)
Oakland Raiders – Carson Palmer / Terrelle Pryor (if Palmer struggles, they could install 2-QB system)
Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Vick (absolutely needs to stay healthy, only played one full season)

Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger (Pro Bowler plays through injuries for the most part)
San Diego Chargers – Philip Rivers (Pro Bowler had a down year overall but finished strong)
San Francisco 49ers – Alex Smith / Josh Johnson (if Smith struggles, they could install 2-QB system)
Seattle Seahawks – Matt Flynn / Tarvaris Jackson (if Flynn is average, they could revert to 2-QB system)
St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford (has to stay healthy and produce like his rookie season)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh Freeman (his play declined last season after flashing some promise)
Tennessee Titans – Matt Hasselbeck / Jake Locker (QB competition, young Locker or veteran Hasselbeck?)
Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III (predicted to be the 2nd pick of the draft, the obvious starter)

* In bold are QBs that we know are franchise QBs without a lot of debate, some guys are place holders.

* Prediction that more teams run 2-QB system is from now through the next 5 years.

Franchise QB

Stay healthy, play through injuries, win in the regular season, has the talent to post upper-tier stats…consistently. Has playoff success and gives you a chance to win the Super Bowl, without a doubt the leader of the team and the face of the franchise no questions asked, you are the man. They don’t grow off trees, and some of the weaker teams at the bottom of the standings over the years should do whatever it takes to put them,selves in position to win. Even if it’s uncommon at the pro level, the 2-QB system can be low risk on the field and financially.

2 thoughts on “2-QB System in NFL: Weaker Teams Could Follow Jets Lead

  1. I like the concept of a 2-QB stystem, especially and probably only for mediocre fteams teams like the Jets and Browns. Better to have 2 average QB’s than one bad one.
    As for Eli Manning, I see you listed him as a franchise quarterback but clearly he is Elite! I mean out of all the QB’s you listed, how many have won the Super Bowl? Twice?? How many does a QB need to win in order to garner Elite status?

    Nice post!


  2. Haha thanks! Of course some things are debatable more than others,such as the status of Eli Manning. As far as last season is concerned, he was a top 5 quarterback in my eyes. I rank him at #5, which classifies him as elite for that season, not his career. Trent Dilfer won a ring with Baltimore as a liability, but he played the role of game manager well enough to reap the ultimate benefit.

    Stats tell you things to an extent, but numbers don’t explain everything and that’s where the eye test compliments the evaluation of a player (actions speak louder than words). Manning was “clutch” all season long, and has had “clutch” moments in the past. The reason he’s not elite is because of his inconsistency, and mediocre seasons. 2 years ago he led the league with 25 interceptions, he has this tendency to throw the ball up for grabs and turn the ball over. There’s good-Eli and bad-Eli, with elite quarterbacks there’s no question what they’re going to bring. They have “off games,” and I’ll remove the “elite” tag from Philip Rivers if he has another down year. The Giants just got hot at the right time as a team and won it all twice, hats off to them but Eli has plenty left in the tank to grow. That’s why I think he’s flirting with “elite” status.

    Plus, Terry Bradshaw won 4 rings with the Steelers and he’s nowhere near some of the other Hall of Fame QBs. Winning can take you into the Hall of Fame, and Eli is only one behind Tom Brady (active QBs) in championships with, most likely, more football left to play and build his resume.

    I like your blog, I’m a follower now and it’s pretty good. Hopefully you come back and comment on more stuff!


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