Pre-NFL Draft: Quick Division-by-Division Breakdown

My early favorite picks to win the divisions are pictured. These are subject to change after the draft!

AFC West

Denver Broncos – favorite (won division, won a playoff game, added hall of fame qb, need o-line/secondary)

Kansas City Chiefs – dark horse (won the division 2 years ago, injury bug last season, inconsistent defense)

Oakland Raiders – cellar (new gm cleaning house, good run game but everything else needs to improve)

San Diego Chargers – wildcard (you never know which team will show up, need pass rush, healthy tight end)

AFC East

Buffalo Bills – dark horse (hot start last season, improved pass rush)

Miami Dolphins – cellar (need a qb and receivers, talent at each position but nothing stands out)

New England Patriots – favorite (super bowl appearance, best record in afc, inconsistent defense)

New York Jets – wildcard (inconsistent ground game, need 2-qb system to produce, 2 of last 3 afc title games)

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – favorite (went to afc title game, won division, swept steelers, need better qb/receiver play)

Cincinnati Bengals – wildcard (made playoffs, defense needs to play well again, young qb, inconsistent running)

Cleveland Browns – cellar (rebuilding, have cornerstone players to build around, 2nd best pass defense)

Pittsburgh Steelers – dark horse (playoff team, need production on the ground, needs faster defense)

AFC South

Houston Texans – favorite (won division, healthy matt schaub, lost key players, will defense be that good again)

Indianapolis Colts – cellar (fresh start, need o-line, switching from 4-3 to 3-4 defense)

Jacksonville Jaguars – dark horse (6th ranked d, Jones-Drew led rushing, added receiver/safety, better qb play)

Tennessee Titans – wildcard (starting qb? kenny britt recovery, inconsistent defense, will chris johnson rebound)

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals – wildcard (inconsistent defense, need o-line, questionable qb)

Saint Louis Rams – cellar (looking to surround key players through draft)

San Francisco 49ers – favorite (nfc title game, won division, good defense, added receivers, need good qb play)

Seattle Seahawks – dark horse (inconsistent all around, beast mode shows up half the time, better qb play)

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – wildcard (potential but beat themselves mental, need o-line, did secondary really improve)

New York Giants – favorite (champs, stepped up when they needed to, won division)

Philadelphia Eagles – dark horse (talented, cut down turnovers, finish games in 4th quarter)

Washington Redskins – cellar (rebuilding, competitive moments)

NFC North

Chicago Bears – dark horse (contender, healthy, added pro bowl receiver, need secondary help)

Detroit Lions – wildcard (flashy, made playoffs, need run game, defense needs to improve)

Green Bay Packers – favorite (nearly went undefeated, won division, #1 seed, needs run game, better defense)

Minnesota Vikings – cellar (rehabbing star running back, rebuilding, young qb)

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – wildcard (won division 2 years ago, need better defense, offense has potential)

Carolina Falcons – dark horse (young, talented, healthy defensively, need another receiver)

New Orleans Saints – favorite (won division, made playoffs, talented, coach will miss season, added linebacker)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – cellar (made splash via free agency, need better play all around, new coach/system)