Top NFL Stories Next Season: Broncos, Jets, Luck, RG3

Elephants in the room make for uncomfortable situations. People don’t act themselves and everything is out of wack. It sucks to be at the center of controversy in a negative light, expected to fail. Well, somewhat fail. The shortcomings of a player or a team deliver scapegoats like it’s all on them. The result reflects everything in the locker room. Teams that struggle for years, well the leadership in the front office needs to be replaced no matter how great of a person they are. Running an NBA team or NFL operation is cut throat, and it’s not for everyone.

With that said, next football season will have cameras on 4 franchises 24/7. The Broncos and Jets will be on computer wallpapers, flooding your television and a topic of conversation almost anywhere you go. And for good reason, we’ve never seen this before. Most of you know the most polarizing figure in sports is Tim Tebow, for his combination of faith and a style of football that is tough to grade. It’s a challenge to grade Tebow as a quarterback, because he completes less than half his passes, but he comes through in the clutch to win. He has an extra dimension of running, which helped Denver have the best ground game in football. Something Michael Vick has done, but with a different style.

It’s humorous, because objectivity is out the window in regards to the newest member of the Jets (religion, performance, personality). Whether he got to choose between his hometown Jaguars or the Big Apple, he is in a place where a front office and coaching staff wants him. They obviously believe in him, after suffering a loss to him. Yeah, that 95-yard drive capped off with a Tebow touchdown from 20 yards out. That and then you know how the season unfolded.

Let me tell you this. Tim Tebow is in the mold of a Cam Newton. Both had excellent seasons in their own way, with plenty of room to grow. Both guys have started 16 games in the NFL by the way. I think Tebow is already a force to gameplan for, even with his mediocre accuracy. Compares to Donovan McNabb in his early years. McNabb was never known for his accuracy, but rather his arm strength and mobility. He had a fantastic career. Tebow’s going to get better incrementally; we already know he’s a leader and clutch player. His teams win. For the threat he is on the ground and the atmosphere he creates with his personality, it’s only a matter of time until Tebow is the official face of the franchise.

As of right now, and for this season, I’ve been the biggest proponent of a 2-QB system in the NFL, starting with the Jets. Mark Sanchez is another guy with success, reaching 2 AFC title games gets overlooked because many believe they won in spite of him, but he did step up and made plays to get that far. Bet you didn’t know he’s never had a losing season in New York. To his defense, he’s made the playoffs 2 out of 3 seasons. In the short term, I like the 2-QB system because Rex Ryan coaches old school football: run the ball, use your special teams, and you’re all about defense. So you have 2 game managers that can step up in the clutch, you can afford to ride the hot hand. But what this does is maximize their pros and minimize their flaws.

Sanchez also has the ability as we’ve seen before. Do I trust it? No. I don’t think he will be a top quarterback and make Pro Bowls. I do feel that way about Tebow, but I think Sanchez will be one of the better backup quarterbacks in the league. That’s not a slight, because he can get on a streak and take a team to the playoffs if his number was called. But to be objective, he’s entering his 4th season. He’s young and quarterbacks can improve throughout their careers. The New York media will continue to elevate Tim’s status, while breathing on Mark’s back. All Pro Darrelle Revis said the locker room was in disarray, you know there’s going to be a story every other day about gang green.

Moving on to Tebow’s former team, the Denver Broncos. So they sign a future Hall of Fame quarterback because he is declared healthy. Coming off a playoff appearance, fans are feeling good about their title chances. They’re supposedly favorites to win the AFC West and title contenders now. Manning will be under the microscope about his neck and comparisons to end his career in John Elway’s footsteps. It’s too early to tell and the draft isn’t even here yet, but I don’t think they’re winning the division right now. I actually have the Chiefs as my early favorites, but stay tuned for more because you’re going to here about the Jets and Broncos every week.

The other 2 teams in the spotlight will have rookie quarterbacks. I’m in the group of people that think Luck to the Colts is a done deal, just like RG3 to Washington. I hope both do well and I think both will be Pro Bowlers. I don’t think there has to be a bust all the time. Back then Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf were deserving to be high picks. As are these 2.

The Redskins are in the NFC East, a media-favorite division that gets a lot of prime time games. They will finally have their franchise quarterback and look to compete immediately. RG3 will be fun to watch in D.C. giving fans flashbacks to Doug Williams.

Andrew Luck is filling the void of Manning. In a Colts uniform, I think it’s a forgone conclusion that he’s the #1 pick. Especially since he was in the limelight for so long, and rose to the hype under surveillance. Not an easy thing to do. So between these 5 quarterbacks and 4 teams, this season will be exciting filled with storylines, even the ones that haven’t come up yet. Cinderella teams, disappointments, I just can’t wait because on any given Sunday, you just never know. After the Superbowl we were still infatuated with football. Then free agency hit, the draft is around the corner. Then it’s off to training camp followed by preseason and bam…I hope you’re ready for some football.

I’ll put my money on my Philadelphia Eagles. I just hope they back up the “Dream Team” statement throughout the playoffs when everybody’s talking about them. That’s right I said it. Eagles 2013 amigos, I’m out.