Awol’s NBA MVP

Derrick Rose

Starting with the reigning MVP, he is an elite player in this league no doubt about that. He is the best point guard on the best team last year and this year. Is he a candidate, yes and he should be for several years in his young career. But as far as this season is concerned, the Chicago Bulls have gone 13-5 in his absence and still have the league’s best record. He will be a playoff force on a championship contender, but he has missed too many games due to various injuries. He will not win the MVP this season, but Finals MVP is a possibility.

LeBron James

James is a 2-time MVP and the most physically-gifted player and a stat-freak. He’s 3rd in scoring and is in line to make an All-Defensive team. He is such an excellent distributor and has expanded his game by going to the post. Some feel that James disqualified himself from the conversation and I understand that. He joined forces with All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form the best trio in the league. James has been excellent in 4th quarters all season long, just hasn’t attempted or connected on a final shot. That’s what happens when you call yourself “King James” and embrace a nickname like “The Chosen One,” you better be able to do it all. He is very close to being Mr. do-it-all.

Kevin Durant

The 2nd-leading scorer in the NBA. He scores effortlessly and at a high volume. Durant is clutch and leading the Thunder to the best record in the Western Conference. They have been strong contenders since the beginning and have not only kept pace, but increased it. Let me tell you this, Russell Westbrook is no slouch, currently the 5th-leading scorer in the NBA. He is finding his groove and making a name for himself. Durant and Westbrook form the highest-scoring duo in the league, and they have the Sixth Man of the Year in James Harden who is basically a starter. Harden is their best distributor and playmaker that plays down the stretch for them. So if you’re going to use LeBron’s teammates against him, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree for Durant either.

Kevin Love

Last season Kevin Love blew up on the map. This season, Kevin Love is blowing up on the map. He played about 40 games with Ricky Rubio. The other night he played without Michael Beasley and J.J. Barea. He’s putting up 27 points and 14 rebounds a game for the mediocre Timberwolves. In the past 10 games he’s average 31 and 14, and has 44 double-doubles so far. Durant had a 50 point game, but on the same night Westbrook hit 40 and Surge Ibaka notched a triple double. Love eclipsed the 50-point mark last week and followed that performance with 30 and 21. Although debatable, Nuggets head coach George Karl compared him to Larry Bird. Karl has been around the NBA forever, perhaps his comments were taken out of context. No offense to the great Kobe Bryant, but Love isn’t jacking up shots to get his, he shoots a good and efficient percentage. Love hustles and can score from anywhere on the court. Kevin probably won’t get enough “love” in the MVP voting because he’s on a playoff bubble team and not a contender, but he has been clutch and gets my vote as of right now. He may boost his chances if he leads the league in scoring and rebounding, right now he’s 4th in points and 2nd in rebounds.Dwight Howard controls the paint and edges him in rebounds for now, but Love is guarding power forwards mid-range and on the perimeter like LaMarcus Aldridge and Dirk Nowitzki..