NFL Mock Drafts

Whether it’s television personalities or people on the internet, the craze over NFL mock drafts continues to increase. It’s funny when fans hear something, they don’t stop to think. Credibility. Some of it comes from a person’s accolades and accomplishments, and some of it comes from people you trust or simply respect. It’s not all about ex-players and coaches. I don’t bite the bait and take everything I hear as the truth just because. I look into it. It’s like a math problem, half the time the answers are in the back of the book. Literally, the odds problems are usually given. But like my high school math teacher said, it’s the work in between. They want to see how you get your answer. I don’t care for NFL Mock Draft 5.0 or 7.7, that’s a waste of time and I’m not here to waste yours. That shows impatience and mediocre research at best. So here, you will get one mock draft from Awol West (me), and maybe from a couple other contributors on this site, but only one from each individual and we will clearly post who it’s from. My first and only mock draft will come one week before the NFL Draft on Thursday April 26. So, here, you will absolutely see a post of Awol’s mock draft on Thursday April 19. That’s all to it, none of that other busy work we are not “wishy-washy” so-to-speak.

To give you a sneak preview, and I guess it’s predictable…but here’s Awol’s top 2 picks of the draft, which is 3 and a half weeks away.

1. Indianapolis Colts: Quarterback – Andrew Luck (Stanford) 

Luck has been in the spotlight for a few years now, and he has lived up to the hype. He has been the guy in line to be the #1 pick, and he will takeover the helm vacated by the great Peyton Manning. It’s very challenging to perform under pressure, let alone performing at a high level when people expect you to be that damn good. I fully believe he will be in a Colts uniform for several years, and be “Pro Bowl” caliber. All this, without even giving you an analysis of his play on the field. Good guy with confidence and character, he is a leader and will be compared to RG3 throughout their careers.

Luck has above average mobility and a good arm. As much as people want to compare him to the man’s shoes he will fill, his talents are in the mold of Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. A signal caller that can zip the ball in tight windows, and not only can he keep plays alive, but even break a defense’s back by running for yards when man coverage forgets about him. His strength is accuracy, but it’s the way he can manage the game that has Indianapolis salivating. Statistics do lie, as does the eye test, but they both can point you in the right direction, which is why you need a combination of both. We just witnessed good seasons by 2 rookie quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton. But remember, if a rookie quarterback struggles it does not indicate that he will be a bust. Peyton Manning and Steve Young had trouble early. Drew Brees is a late bloomer. Andrew Luck will be the #1 pick and I’m pro-Luck in saying, he will be a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback throughout his career. He’s battle-tested and has “it.”

2. Washington Redskins: Quarterback – Robert Griffin III (Baylor) 

RG3 exploded onto the scene and enters the draft as the Heisman Trophy winner. He is another leader, a class act, and will also be the face of his franchise. By no means is this disrespecting RG3 by making him the second pick, he had a better season than Luck and has a higher ceiling to fulfill. Just like the Colts want to re-live similar success with Luck as they had with Manning, that’s exactly what Washington is trying to re-enact with former Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams in mind. Griffin III has a smooth delivery and is a pass-first quarterback. He has all the physical tools and everything he says is golden. He keeps it real and he also has “it.”

Not only will he bring excitement to a team that’s been in the cellar of a tough division, but D.C. will flood the stadium while having flash backs to Doug Williams. RG3 has blazing speed and you have to respect his superior mobility. His ability to run is dangerous, but it’s more than running down the field for first downs and touchdowns. He has precision on the move and looks to pass when he’s outside the pocket. He throws a beautiful deep ball and will draw defensive attention to open up the ground game, somewhere between Michael Vick and Tim Tebow’s running style. He’s stronger than Vick and less reckless, and yes this is the closest comparison in recent memory since people love to compare. No, not body build of Tebow nor the strength, just describing that he “appears” to be durable but we will soon find out. And yes, he’s entering the NFL as a better quarterback than Vick when he got drafted. Griffin III is not in the mold of Cam Newton, last year’s #1 pick is 6’6 250 pounds, so you can put that nonsense off to the side. I am counting on RG3 being a Pro Bowl caliber player as well.

Stay tuned, the whole mock draft will be posted one week before the actual NFL draft, and all I need is one mock draft…not seven!