Thoughts on Lakers/Thunder


Of course, Kobe Bryant was great and lived for clutch moments. Enjoy his greatness while he’s still around folks.

Two players that I’m the hard on Russell Westbrook and Andrew Bynum, simply because of their potential.

Against OKC in front of his home crowd, Bynum couldn’t even get in the game in 4th quarter and didn’t sniff the court in overtime. No need to go off on a guy that doesn’t want to play every game. He got outplayed by Jordan Hill’s double-double, 14 points and 15 rebounds. I’m happy for Hill but it’s yet another reason why Bynum doesn’t compare to Dwight Howard.

I harp on Westbrook for shooting a lot of shots inefficiently. Shooting 3-22 is terrible and OKC doesn’t have a chance at a title with those numbers. But he did what good players do and penetrated, drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line. I know Kevin Durant struggled going 11-34, but that is his role he’s the best shooter in the game.

Devin Ebanks gets a shout out for his not good, but great defense on Durant. I’m not going to get carried away with Jordan Hill, but if he can be a consistent producer off the bench then u can live and succeed with Bynum’s inconsistent play. Also, if Ebanks can continue to defend at a high level, he can be like Thabo Sefolosha or Avery Bradley. The Lakers might have stumbled into finding a solid bench between with those two and Steve Blake (who hit some big shots). Josh McRoberts (hustle), and Troy Murphy (forward that can shoot) are role players. It remains to be seen and that’s a lot of ifs, but you don’t need the world from them with the Black Mamba and Pau Gasol (apparently the new Lamar Odom).

Coach Talk

Don’t get me started on Mike Brown. He didn’t deserve the job in the first place, let alone what’s been going on this season.

Scott Brooks on the other hand, is a coach I’ve never bought into. At the end of regulation, instead of giving Durant the isolation at the top to dribble and score, it should have been Westbrook. Especially since the two plays before he drove to the basket and made 4 foul shots.Then to win the game in the first overtime, he drew up a play for Westbrook to catch and shoot for the win. Those plays should have been the other way around, Durant is the guy you want to catch and shoot the basketball. If Coach Brooks doesn’t pay attention to detail and use the strengths of his players, they won’t win the championship.