NBA Playoff Chatter

Sweeping the West

OKC didn’t show any offensive blueprint and turn their attention to the Lakers/Nuggets series . They had their playmakers alternating with the ball, and they locked down defensively. Disappointing end for the reigning champion Mavericks. They need to get younger, but they didn’t bring the same passion from last postseason.

San Antonio easily disposed the Jazz. More of a scrimmage round for the Spurs that will get some time to rest the veterans while they await the Clippers/Grizzlies winner. Utah could use some upgrades, but if they had a shooting guard this would have been a competitive series.

Staying Alive? Or Closing the door?

Every series remaining in the first round is 3-1.

The Lake Show returned to form after dropping one in Denver. Their height is too much inside, and we should all cherish the greatness of Kobe Bryant while he’s still playing. It helps for role players to hit their open shots like Ramon Sessions and Steve Blake. The Nuggets are talented and play hard. Most importantly, they’re youth will develop and they will improve from within.

Last night the Clippers gutted out an overtime win over the Grizzlies. This series could be far from over, and is the most entertaining in my eyes. Big fan of Rudy Gay, but the the big guys have to be more involved. Chris Paul is giving Lob City the opposite of what they’re used to, and they will continue to follow his lead.

New York fought for their lives and got themselves a game against the Heat. With the series going back to South Beach, Miami is looking to seal the deal at home as they usually do. The Knicks need to connect from downtown to support Carmelo Anthony to stay alive.

Chicago goes back home to host the 76ers, and will be without Joakim Noah again. Luol Deng has disappointed thus far, and will be the x-factor offensively for any success the Bulls have. Philadelphia has been aggressive throughout the series attacking the basket and making free throws, something they didn’t do all season but need to keep up in the postseason.

Boston looks to be gaining steam (Stiesma!). The bench is producing and Rajon Rondo is showing everyone the floor general that he is. The big three still have gas in the tank and will be a tough to knock out. Atlanta blew game 2 against the Celtics, without Rajon Rondo. Josh Smith anchors the Hawks, but Joe Johnson and Al Horford have to catch on strong moving forward.

Indiana is under-the-radar and earned my respect last postseason. The Pacers can switch anything defensively and score from anywhere on the floor. Orlando has been scrapping but there’s no moral victories in the NBA. Players have definitely stepped up despite the Dwight Howard fiasco and the coaching hot seat.