Bull-Rushing Forward

The Chicago Bulls plowed throughout the season to get the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference for the 2nd year in a row. They suffered some injuries and got ousted out the first round by the Philadelphia 76ers.

They have quite a few roster decisions to make this offseason. If they can find a way to make the playoffs with Derrick Rose missing at least half the season, they will be the dark horse of the Eastern Conference and possibly predicted to be in the same position (class of the East and on a collision course with the Heat).

Before unfortunate injury karma occurred, (Rose injured his knee, Noah rolled his ankle; but previously CP3 and Zack Randolph injured their knees against Chicago), I’ve been hoping to sell high on Deng. Him making the all star team increased his value, and an obvious trade centered around Luol Deng/Rudy Gay should be considered. With that said, I’ll let you soak that in but I don’t trust the Chicago front office to make bold moves. Bringing in Boozer, Korver, and Brewer was safe.

Since Noah is more valuable than Boozer in trade scenarios they will both be Bulls, unless the front office goes for the home run and pulls off Dwight Howard.

As far as getting a point guard, it has to be a guy that can help the team in Rose’s absence and coexist with Rose when he returns to good health. I’ve wanted to move Rose to shooting guard and go after CP3 (last offseason) or Deron Williams (this offseason, played college ball at Illinois). This was before the injury, and before this season even started, back when the Lakers were in pursuit of CP3. Dual-PG lineups will soon be a trend with how the game is changing Imagine, especially with Coach Thibodeau with his defensive/rebounding philosophy. CP3 might not extend with the Clippers, and Deron is available, but realistically they’re going elsewhere. I even mentioned making a play for Nash at the trade deadline, but it falls on deaf ears because people are satisfied and content. Derrick Rose was injured all year, as a former coach, athlete, and fan, you know the difficulty of bouncing back from one injury. Well Rose had multiple, you could have played “Operation” on the guy, so it’s great news that his knee surgery was successful.

Of the free agents guards available, Goran Dragic would be a great fit because he’s an all around player and fits the personality of Bulls players.