Boston Celtics Are Legit Contenders

Boston continues their nice offseason with the addition of veteran guard Courtney Lee. Although they lost Ray Allen, they countered that by signing Jason Terry. Priority number one was Kevin Garnett, and they also extended forwards Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox. The Celtics got bigger by drafting Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo, while picking up swingman Kris Joseph in the second round.

When you about it, the aging Celtics team that took the champions in South Beach to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, well they got younger and bigger. Size appears to be the only thing Miami lacks, and the Celtics shored up their front line with a even deeper bench. Not saying that Avery Bradley would have taken this team to the finals, but his injury left the team without shooting guards when you factor in Ray Allen’s low minutes. Injuries are part of the game, but it would have been interesting to see Dwyane Wade struggling with a healthy Bradley in the lineup.

Nonetheless, Boston rose to the top of the Eastern Conference besides age and durability concerns. Doc Rivers is a top coach in this league, and this squad is not going away. At least not next season. Paul Pierce is still clutch and Garnett played at a high level. Rajon Rondo put Boston on his back last year and elevated his game to another level. Yes, he is an elite defender, but also an elite point guard. Arguably, they have had the best offseason in the NBA thus far.

Here is their projected rotation for next season:

Starters: Rajon Rondo – Avery Bradley – Paul Pierce – Brandon Bass – Kevin Garnett

Reserves: Jason Terry – Courtney Lee – Kris Joseph – Jared Sullinger – Fab Melo

2 thoughts on “Boston Celtics Are Legit Contenders

  1. Ooo, bold words, “best offseason.” I don’t know about that. LA has had a pretty good offseason, both LA teams. Granted the Lakers lack depth in the bench, plus their defense is a little suspect, but they still got jamison and nash. LA went out and got some more compliments for griffin and paul, plus they resigned billups. The nets made some moves as well, granted I think those moves were a little overrated, but they look to be a stronger team. The celtics do look nice though and they will be tough in the East. I think miami hurt themselves with the collection of wing players that they aquired. I feel like Boston is still hurting at SF. Assuming Green is healthy, they won’t have to worry, but if he’s not, then I would say they have a lot to worry about. I still think they’re the number 3 team in the East, probably top 5 in the league. I think they have enought to make one more run, but if KG’s knees don’t hold up and Green isn’t healthy, they could be a 7th seed really quick.


    • I’m a big Jeff Green fan, I couldn’t include him yet b/c of his heart condition. I’d like to see him get some runs under his belt, really versatile player when healthy. I love what the Clippers are doing as well, but I don’t think the Lakers & Nets compare to those offseason moves as far as improving their championship chances. Celtics are loaded at SF with the Truth, sprinkled in with some Green/Pietrus/Joseph.


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