Wide Receivers in the NFL

Wide Receivers are often prima donnas and they continue to embrace that with their actions. Sure, they feel they beat the cornerback every play and are vocal when they don’t get the targets they think they should. This dates back into NFL history, but why don’t these guys learn? There are great examples in Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, and Hines Ward, but even Harrison was involved in off-the-field drama and Ward is known as a dirty. Some say dirty, others say throwback.

Dez Bryant is a troubled receiver with potential. His name was in the headlines yet again, but not because of touchdowns or charity. Kenny Britt was having a terrific season until he blew out his knee, but he made some more headlines for driving under the influence. Britt is struggling with knee issues, getting 3 procedures done and perhaps that had something to do with his latest drawback. But you only get so many chances and it’s a privilege to play in the National Football League, especially with commissioner Roger Goodell trying to keep a clean image.

Sure, DeSean Jackson has his moments of showboating, but that’s part of the game and people lose sight of the excitement and banter that really goes on on the field. Jackson might say something publicly, but he’s widely known as a good kid and he’s involved with kids and a bullying charity. That’s great, I’m happy he’s trying to make a difference and using his platform of football to do so.

Chad Johnson went “Ochocinco” and made the game exciting with his celebration and antics. I think most people would agree that he keeps the kid in him alive and we enjoy his showmanship.

Unfortunately, big names like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens were constantly making headlines for their actions and words. They brought it to the field like professionals, but Moss wasn’t always motivated (reportedly) and Owens would say anything to stay in the spotlight. I did like his celebration on the Cowboys’ star at midfield, but I also liked when safety George Teague ran after him and tackled him. That was awesome.

We’ve see quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo constantly taking the high road and trying to lead their teams despite vocal receivers. Romo was back at it today in regards to Dez Bryant putting his hands on his mother.

I love the game and these athletes are talented. But I love me some tough defensive backs like Darrelle Revis, champ Bailey, and Nnamdi Asomugha, that get physical with the big mouths and shut them down. I guess it comes with the position, but it’s nice to see Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald stepping up as team leaders. If guys are going to crave attention and make bold statements, I hope they go Ochocinco’s route and entertain rather than tear their team apart.