Week 5 AFC Power Rankings

RK (LW) Team Record Next Game
1 (W VS TEN) Houston Texans: Houston, the league has a problem and not many solutions on stopping the Texans. 4-0 @ NYJ
2 (W VS CLE) Baltimore Ravens: This is the most questionable the defense has looked in years, and when Rice gets bottled up I don’t see Flacco carrying a whole team on his back. 3-1 @ KC
3 (W @ KC) San Diego Chargers: Taking a wait & see approach to decipher whether they’re contenders or pretenders, but doing more good than bad so far. 3-1 @ NO
4 (W @ JAC) Cincinnati Bengals: If the defense can get back to last year’s top-10 ways and the judge (Green-Ellis) brings order to the field, they’ll win the AFC North. 3-1 VS MIA
5 (W @ BUF) New England Patriots: They masked their spotty O-line with a strong 1-2 punch on the ground, but the defense needs to make plays when the offense struggles. 2-2 VS DEN
6 (W VS OAK) Denver Broncos: As the offense becomes more balances, the defense is starting to come together as a whole. 2-2 @ NE
7 (L VS SF) New York Jets: They lost their best WR/CB and not playing very well, the clock is ticking closer to Tebow-time. 2-2 VS HOU
8 (L VS NE) Buffalo Bills: When Ryan Fitzpatrick throws a pick, he throws multiple and they lose. When he takes care of the ball they win. 2-2 @ SF
9 (BYE) Pittsburgh Steelers: They need to get back to the roots, running the ball and stopping the run. 1-2 VS PHI
10 (L VS SD) Kansas City Chiefs:The defense has to find some solutions while Matt Cassel has to handle with care. 1-3 VS BAL
11 (L @ ARI) Miami Dolphins: The new offensive scheme is complimentary to their talent, somehow hey have to do that with the players on D. 1-3 @ CIN
12 (L @ DEN) Oakland Raiders: Their defense is a project, but they should bring in a veteran receiver or 3 (Plaxico Burress, Terrelle Owens, Chad Johnson). 1-3 BYE
13 (L VS CIN) Jacksonville Jaguars: Will a first round pick by the name of Justin Blackmon please stand up? 1-3 VS CHI
14 (L @ HOU) Tennessee Titans: Things were looking great after Chris Johnson broke out, but then Jake Locker went down in the process. 1-3 @ MIN
15 (BYE) Indianapolis Colts: Hopefully the defense shored some things up during the bye, because Andrew Luck is going to move the chains. 1-3 VS GB
16 (L @ BAL) Cleveland Browns: They are tough and Haden is returning soon, but the receivers will drop the ball. 0-4 @ NYG