Week 5 NFC Power Rankings

RK (LW) Team Record Next Game
1 (W VS CAR) Atlanta Falcons: The Dirty Birds are taking care of business on both sides of the ball. 4-0 @ WAS
2 (W @ MIA) Arizona Cardinals: The defense is paving the way while the offense is doing just enough. 4-0 @ STL
3 (W @ NYJ) San Francisco 49ers: Coach Harbaugh should have this team feeling like they lost every week to replicate that dominant performance. 3-1 VS BUF
4 (W @ DAL) Chicago Bears: Media and the fans sleep on the Bears every year, but that doesn’t mean they’re hibernating. 3-1 @ JAC
5 (W VS NYG) Philadelphia Eagles: They know how to win even if it’s ugly, imagine when they start to roll on all cylinders. 3-1 @ PIT
6 (W @ DET) Minnesota Vikings: Most ranked the Vikings last in the division heading into the season, it’s a long road but these guys are improving every week. 3-1 VS TEN
7 (LOST PHI) New York Giants: All that matters is making the playoffs, however their inconsistent play could have them watching the postseason instead. 2-2 VS CLE
8 (W VS NO) Green Bay Packers: Running the football is working, it will also keep the QB clean and help the defense. 2-2 @ IND
9 (L @ STL) Seattle Seahawks: If they can steal a few road games this season, they could host one come playoff time. 2-2 @ CAR
10 (L VS CHI) Dallas Cowboys: This team doesn’t know how to win nor accept responsibility, what makes Jerry Jones so much different from the late Al Davis? 2-2 BYE
11 (W VS SEA) St. Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher and Cortland Finnegan brought toughness and belief to the defense, now Sam Bradford has to help Steven Jackson on the other side of the ball. 2-2 VS ARI
12 (W @ TB) Washington Redskins: With the injuries suffered on defense, the rookie combination of RG3 and Alfred Morris has to be that damn good all year long. 2-2 VS ATL
13 (L VS MIN) Detroit Lions: Success on the ground is they key to their season for both sides of the football. 1-3 BYE
14 (L VS WAS) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: All Josh Freeman has to do is be a game-manager, which includes using his legs. 1-3 BYE
15 (L @ ATL) Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton spearheads the ground game and aerial attack, but the defense has to step up and not allow those home run plays. 1-3 VS SEA
16 (L @ GB) New Orleans Saints: They don’t have the best play-caller in football, they lack a defense, and all that karma is too much to overcome. 0-4 VS SD