NFL Week 5 One-Liners

Pittsburgh Steelers got time to heal their standout defenders, hopefully enough time to tighten the offensive line.

Indianapolis Colts had a bye week to figure things out, they should let Andrew Luck pass as much as possible.

Baltimore Ravens defense doesn’t look the same so far, but Joe Flacco is leading the offense just like they want him to.

Cleveland Browns playing competitive football, might have a win if the receivers did their jobs.

San Francisco 49ers played relentless after a loss, they are who we thought they were…elite.

New York Jets lost their defensive swagger and Darrelle Revis, but in a couple weeks they might find it to be Tebow Time.

Seattle Seahawks protect home field, struggle on the road, and need to find a way to win the division to host a playoff game.

St. Louis Rams have greatly improved, and they could contend in a suddenly competitive division if Sam Bradford progresses.

Carolina Panthers are on the brink of taking the next step, the coaching staff has to grow with the players and learn how to win.

Atlanta Falcons are looking good, especially if that defense continues to be opportunistic.

Kansas City Chiefs might be paper AFC West champions, but they sure do lose in the ugliest fashion possible.

San Diego Chargers are off to an unusually strong start, we shall see if they really are Super Bowl contenders as the season unfolds.

Tennessee Titans finally got production from Chris Johnson, hopefully Jake Locker gets back on the field soon.

Houston Texans are probably the favorite to represent the AFC, my measuring stick for them is how they play in the postseason.

Buffalo Bills need Mario Williams to show up, although Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the league in touchdowns he’s thrown the 2nd most picks.

New England Patriots might have found a ground game or just a way to win, either way the offensive line has to hold up.

Jacksonville Jaguars have to somewhat stretch the field through the air, while the defense has been pedestrian.

Cincinnati Bengals could win the division this year, if the defense returns to last year’s form.

Oakland Raiders have to dial up pressure to slow down teams, and they should be open to signing a receiver (Chad, T.O., Plaxico).

Denver Broncos are growing with Peyton Manning, but the defense needs to follow the lead of Elvis Dumervil.

Miami Dolphins are moving the chains in their new offense, unfortunately so are their opponents.

Arizona Cardinals are doing what the 49ers did and the old school mentality is working, hopefully the offense rises to a key situation.

Washington Redskins are running the offense through rookies RGIII and Alfred Morris, unfortunately the defense is really banged up.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have promise on both sides of the ball, it may take a new leader at the helm to implement the success they want.

Detroit Lions just need to run the football, take advantage of Calvin Johnson getting triple covered and it will help the defense stay off the field.

Minnesota Vikings are looking good and improving every week, they are a tough bunch and it’s nice to see A.P.’s amazing recovery.

New Orleans Saints are missing the best offensive coordinator in football, and the lack of a defense isn’t helping win any games.

Green Bay Packers have a reason to be mad at the refs, but hey the former champs are pulling out all stops which includes the ground game.

New York Giants are either hit or miss in the regular season, however they are the last team you want to play in the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles are a tough team to beat when they run the ball, and with a healthy quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys are who we thought they were for the past 15 years, but to be positive the NFC East is usually up for grabs.

Chicago Bears thrive in prime time and are looking to finish what they started last season before the injury bug hit them.