NFL Week 7 Headlines

AFC West

Denver Broncos 3-3  -A 2nd half team led by a Hall of Fame QB. The defense is forcing turnovers thanks to the pass rush.

San Diego Chargers 3-3 – Starting strong but not finishing and lacking leadership. Maybe they should have paid Vincent Jackson.

Oakland Raiders 1-4 – Dead last in rushing without a road win. Michael Huff should be playing CB more often, what a game he had.

Kansas City Chiefs 1-5 – Have yet to win a home game. Brady Quinn, this is most likely your last opportunity to start in the NFL.

AFC East

New England Patriots 3-3 – Top offense in football with a mediocre defense. They haven’t won a ring since Spy Gate, just saying.

New York Jets 3-3 – Tied for 1st place despite the media circus. The offense is struggling but they do have a couple blow out victories.

Miami Dolphins 3-3 – A defensive team with a new offensive scheme. Rookie QB Tannehill leads the league in accuracy under pressure.

Buffalo Bills 3-3 – Now featuring a pass rush of Mario Williams and Shawne Merriman. If only QB Fitzpatrick limited his interceptions.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens 5-1 – Just when the offense starts to hit on all cylinders, age and the injury bug catch up to the other side of the ball.

Cincinnati Bengals 3-3 – Perhaps the cardiac cats are learning how to win. Things would be better if their defense found its 2011 form.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2-3 – The Steel Curtain defense hasn’t really been healthy. As for the offensive line, they did win a SB without one.

Cleveland Browns 1-5 – They’re developing an identity and a foundation to build on. Despite the record these guys are competitive.

AFC South

Houston Texans 5-1 – Wade Phillips has a tall task to stabilize a defense without some key players. Matt Schaub has to step his game up.

Indianapolis Colts 2-3 – Andrew Luck is learning on the fly and Reggie Wayne is a true pro. The defense needs to get, and stay healthy.

Tennessee Titans 2-4 – The offense is finding ways to move the chains with either QB. Now the young defense has to make some plays.

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-4 – They tried to lean on Gabbert without sufficient weapons. Coming off a bye they should just hand it to MJD.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 4-2 – Stout is the defense leading this team to success. Character is what the offense is showing with all their injuries.

San Francisco 49ers 4-2 – Might be the last team you want to play after a loss. For the most part they’re good at covering weaknesses.

Seattle Seahawks 4-2 – Pete Carroll: Touting the league’s best defense with a rookie quarterback, and undefeated on their home turf.

St. Louis Rams 3-3 – Undefeated at home, defeated on the road. The defense believes, but they go where Sam Bradford takes them.

NFC East

New York Giants 4-4 – Perhaps they’re starting to care about the regular season. This Sunday they’re looking for their first division win.

Philadelphia Eagles 3-3 – Although the defense needs improvement they have led this team to par. Offense gameplan: LeSean McCoy.

Washington Redskins 3-3 – RG3 is leading and Alfred Morris is playmaking. If only the rookie duo had somewhat of a supporting cast.

Dallas Cowboys 2-3 – They’re doing right by sticking with the ground game. Without leadership or “it,” they just don’t know how to win.

NFC North

Chicago Bears 4-1 – With arguably the best defense in football and a balanced offensive attack, it’s on Jay Cutler to take the next step.

Minnesota Vikings 4-2 – They bring it & continue to improve every week with perseverance. These contenders protect the Metrodome.

Green Bay Packers 3-3 – You counted them out in the face of adversity, and they showed what the class of the NFL really looks like.

Detroit Lions 2-3 – The defensive line finally played the way they’re capable of. These comeback kids are working on a balanced offense.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 6-0 – They rolled through the regular season before. If the defense keeps playing opportunistic the result could differ.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3 – They’re committed to running the ball and stopping the run. Josh Freeman is the key to their season.

Carolina Panthers 1-4 – Cam Newton, Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert, & a bye week…is the ground game solved?

New Orleans Saints 1-4 – They got some familiar faces back during the bye. The best aerial assault needs the D to get some more stops.