Thursday Night Football Notes

Peyton Manning just made me feel better about my MVP pick, although a commonly easy prediction. He and the Broncos put the reigning champs on notice, the AFC on notice, and they flexed. Perhaps poising a challenge for the other offenses to step up. The surgeon performed another successful surgery.

Demaryius Thomas followed the footsteps of Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech, and now at the NFL level.

Manning to Wes Welker might be the deadliest connection in football, and believe it or not they will dominate the redzone.

Eric Decker will always drop a ball or 2, but he will always be a threat that will hurt teams down the stretch.

Well, I called the breakout of tight end Julius Thomas, it just didn’t take too long to assert himself.

Expect the Broncos to use the RB by committee approach all year, favoring Montee Ball when it comes to grinding games out. Personally, I like Knowshon Moreno, but none of these backs is going out of the loop anytime soon.

Denver’s defense was aggressive and did what they had to do to take Ray Rice out of the game. They put the pressure on Joe Flacco to make plays. All without Champ Bailey and Von Miller, very impressive Jack Del Rio (defensive coordinator). That defensive line set the tone.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is learning quickly from the sidelined Champ Bailey. That could elevate his play from good to great.

Wesley Woodyard was all over the field, and he’s making a name for himself in doing so with consistency.

Speaking of Flacco, he’s hardly mention-able for me. He made some plays and the TEAM won the ring…LAST YEAR. Congratulations. Come on, Trent Dilfer won a SB with the Ravens, no offense but he was an average QB. Flacco might throw for yardage, but he is far from the upper-echelon in terms of skill AND leadership. New season is here and he doesn’t have the same team leaders.

Elvis Dumervil is still good. He, Terrelle Suggs, and Haloti Ngata will anchor this defense to be better than what you saw in week 1. Probably not top-10 like they’re used to.

Torrie Smith is not a #1 receiver. Jacoby Jones is not a starting caliber receiver, but a dynamic returner when his teammate doesn’t take him out.

Dallas Clark became the go-to guy for Joe Flacco, but Clark might not last long with the position Flacco puts him in.

This team has to make a move: trade, signing, something. A lot of signal callers would struggle with these passing targets.

Baltimore suffered some key injuries. That O-line looked over-matched. The defense couldn’t get off the field and the offense didn’t help much in the second half.

Ray Rice is going to have better days, and no he won’t get overthrown by Bernard Pierce. Pierce will spell him. Rice has to be the engine that makes this ride go for the Ravens, or else.