Monday Night Football: Eagles Stunning Redskins

If only for tonight, Chip Kelly has orchestrated a masterful gameplan. Aside from a couple “give me” turnovers by the home team Redskins, the Eagles offense has controlled the clock and tallied points on the board. Not to slant Michael Vick for an above-average first half, but deep down you have to ponder how an upgrade at the position might have posted 40 points at the break. Nonetheless the dual-threat quarterback hooked up with speed-demon Desean Jackson a handful of times. They connected in the endzone, then followed a safety and a strike to Brent Celek down the middle, and the next thing you know Vick dives past the goalline for a 26-7 first half of football.

Much of the yards were carved out by Philly’s o-line, with Shady McCoy dicing through the lanes. After running 50 plays from scrimmage in the first half, no wonder Mike Shannahan took an extra penalty to escape for the drawing board. Robert Griffin III was tossing possessions away and Alfred Morris laid it down in excellent field position for the midnight green team. When you capitalize on turnovers, those are backbreakers.

So the second half starts right, and I’m trying to go over some adjustments that should be made. I inhale a joke of a dinner because I just love football, opening weekend always takes too long. There’s just something about watching your favorite team play in prime time. Everyone gets to root for your team or against you, either way it’s cool to have your team in the headlines. So I stop to watch and had this moment, the memory of playing football in the living room with my dad an Eagles/Redskins game was on t.v. Zoom from the age of to now I’m 2-6, and LeSean McCoy puts on a move with some cuts and breaks out for a touchdown. That’s my boy, drafted him with the 9th pick in the first round of fantasy football. I stopped everything I was doing, and finally Washington reaches the redzone when DeMeco Ryans dashes in for a sack. That haulted the drive for a missed chip shot field goal.

Alright real quick, as for the adjustments, Washington came out patiently moving the chains, just misreading where Philly’s extra blitzer is coming from. On the other hand, I think they should take some shots downfield next possession, because the defense has lived on the field up to this point. They have to test that Eagles secondary deep with max protection for RGIII. The Eagles defense has been stout and McCoy is just putting on a show with these cuts. You know Brian Orakpo is a playmaker, not an easy guy to get away from. As for their offense, well whatever they did keep it up.

Enjoy the rest of the game, we shall see if Washington gives us something to remember. Maybe Desean Jackson and DeAngelo Hall start another mosh pit. Next up, the Houston Texans @ San Diego Chargers. To those I know at the stadium tailgaiting or going to the game tonight, line up the proper transportation and have a blast. Hopefully Ryan Matthews blasting through the defensive line. Unfortunately Houston will win because they’re simply better right now, they play a game for a reason. A reason J.J. Watt has to annihilate offensive lines to throw down the quarterback. Better double team and chip-block that beast, aka reigning Defensive Player of the Year. As for the my MNF scores, I had Eagles 28-23 and Texans 27-17.