Fantasy Football 2V3: Week 2 Matchups

Fantasy Football 2013.

V is the roman numeral for 10, hence 2V3.

Whether you’re bouncing back from last week’s loss trying to get your first win, or aiming for a 2-0 sights on the playoffs, here are how your players and opponents stack up.

Stop Light Matchups (Game-by-Game)

Thursday Night Football

Jets @ Patriots

  • Green: T. Brady (QB), NE DEF, S. Gostowski (K)
  • Yellow: S. Ridley (RB), D. Amendola (WR), J. Edelman (WR)
  • Red: All NYJ OFF players, NYJ DEF, Z. Sudfeld
  • Note: Unfortunately S. Vereen got injured, this would have been a golden opportunity for him, When R. Gronkowski finally returns to the field he has the green light, unlike any offensive player that plays for the Jets in the foreseeable future.

Sunday AM Games

Redskins @ Packers

  • Green: A. Rodgers (QB), A. Morris (RB), R. Cobb (WR), J. Nelson (WR), M. Crosby (K)
  • Yellow: R. Griffin III (QB), E. Lacy (RB), J. Jones (WR), J. Finley (TE), F. Davis (TE), J. Reed (TE), K. Forbath (K)
  • Red: WAS DEF, GB DEF
  • Note: Taking a wait & see approach with E. Lacy because GB is A. Rodger’s team. As for A. Morris, he should be salivating to bounce back in this favorable matchup.

Browns @ Ravens

  • Green: R. Rice (RB), T. Richardson (RB), J. Tucker (K), J. Cameron (TE)
  • Yellow: J. Flacco (QB), B. Weeden (QB), M. Brown (WR), D. Clark (TE), J. Tucker (K), B. Cundiff (K), G. Little (WR), D. Bess (WR), BAL DEF
  • Red: T. Smith (WR), CLE DEF
  • Note: Browns CB J. Haden should lock up T. Smith, unless he has to switch over to the 6’5 M. Brown that showed up in week 1. The TEs in this game should get targeted as often as they did last week, which was quite a bit.

Rams @ Falcons

  • Green: D. Richardson (RB), J. Cook (TE), M. Ryan (QB), R. White (WR) J. Jones (WR), T. Gonzalez (TE)
  • Yellow: S. Bradford (QB), S. Jackson (RB), T. Austin (WR), C. Givens (WR), H. Douglas (WR)
  • Red: Falcons DEF, STL DEF
  • Note: The coming out party for Rams TE J. Cook will continue, and Falcons WR H. Douglas will benefit again if R. White is not 100% and used as a decoy. S. Jackson should have a solid game against his old team, don’t expect anything spectacular.

Chargers @ Eagles

  • Green: L. McCoy (RB), D. Jackson (WR), B. Celek (TE), E. Royal (SD), A. Gates (TE), A. Henery (K), N. Novak (K)
  • Yellow: M. Vick (QB), R. Cooper (WR), P. Rivers (QB), R. Matthews (RB), V. Brown (WR), PHI DEF
  • Red: SD DEF, M. Floyd (WR), J. Avant (WR)
  • Note: Both teams had great first halves on MNF. You should expect Chip Kelly’s offense to roll for the Eagles, the Chargers offense has a chance to put up points, but you have better options than these defenses for week 2.

Vikings @ Bears

  • Green: A. Peterson (RB), M. Forte (RB), B. Marshall (WR), R. Gould (K), CHI DEF
  • Yellow: J. Cutler (QB), A. Jeffery (WR), M. Bennett (TE), G. Jennings (WR), J. Simpson (WR), K. Rudolph (TE), B. Walsh (K), MIN DEF
  • Red: C. Ponder (QB), C. Patterson (WR)
  • Note: Whenever a QB is listed in the red light district you can certainly count on that defense, especially when it’s the Bears. Both RBs should have above average days while B. Marshall is the only sure-fire target through the air in this one.

Panthers @ Bills

  • Green: C. Newton (QB), S. Smith (WR)
  • Yellow: C.J. Spiller (RB), F. Jackson (RB), Stevie Johnson (WR), G. Olsen (TE), BUF DEF, CAR DEF, G. Gano (K), D. Hopkins (K)
  • Red: E.J. Manuel (QB), D. Williams (RB), R. Woods (WR), B. LaFell (WR), S. Chandler (TE)
  • Note: You probably want to play some defensive players in this game because both teams had a good week 1. Granted on the other hand, both offenses played tough defenses last week, they just didn’t play well enough to get the unconditional nod of approval that the matchups suggest.

Titans @ Texans

  • Green: A. Foster (RB), A. Johnson (WR), R. Bironas (K), HOU DEF
  • Yellow: M. Schaub (QB), C. Johnson (RB), D. Hopkins (WR), R. Bullock (K), TEN DEF
  • Red: J. Locker (QB), K. Britt (WR), N. Washington (WR), K. Wright (WR), O. Daniels (TE), B. Tate (RB)
  • Note: The Titans defense did the job in week 1 against the Steelers, it’s a toss up that they can bring it against their foe. As for the Texans, they woke up in the second half on MNF so expect their stars to do what they do.

Dolphins @ Colts

  • Green: A. Luck (QB), R. Wayne (WR), B. Hartline (WR), A. Vinatieri (K), C. Sturgis (K)
  • Yellow: R. Tannehill (QB), T.Y. Hilton (WR), D. Heyward-Bey (WR), D. Allen (TE)
  • Red: A. Bradshaw (RB), V. Ballard (RB), L. Miller (RB), D. Thomas (RB), B. Gibson (WR), M. Wallace (WR), C. Fleener (TE), C. Clay (TE), MIA DEF, IND DEF
  • Note: Stick to what worked in week one for both of these teams. There isn’t very many standout players that you should play in this game but the yellow lights all have a chance if you need them.

Cowboys @ Chiefs

  • Green: T. Romo (QB), J. Charles (RB), J. Witten (TE), R. Succop (K), D. Bailey (K)
  • Yellow: A. Smith (QB), D. Murray (RB), D. Bryant (WR), M. Austin (WR), D. Bowe (WR), DAL DEF, KC DEF
  • Red: A. Fasano (TE)
  • Note: Both defenses had their ways last week so proceed with caution and evaluate the alternatives, even with the sensitive and talented D. Bryant. Play the green light players without a second thought.

Sunday PM Games

Saints @ Buccaneers

  • Green: D. Brees (QB), D. Martin (RB), V. Jackson (WR), M. Colston (WR). J. Graham (TE)
  • Yellow: J. Freeman (QB), M. Williams (WR), K. Stills (WR)
  • Red: D. Sproles (RB), P. Thomas (RB), M. Ingram (RB), L. Stocker (TE), TB DEF, NO DEF
  • Note: Unfortunately playing a trio of RBs does not help a FF team, thanks a lot Sean Payton! Pretty much everybody else on offense should have a productive game in shootout fashion, snatch up some of their defenders while you’re at it.

Lions @ Cardinals

  • Green: M. Stafford (QB), C. Palmer (QB), R. Bush (RB), C. Johnson (WR), L. Fitzgerald (WR), B. Pettigrew (TE), D. Akers (K), J. Feely (K)
  • Yellow: R. Mendenhall (RB), N. Burleson (WR), A. Roberts (WR), M. Floyd (WR), K. Perry (TE), ARI DEF, DET DEF
  • Red: J. Bell (RB), R. Williams (RB)

Broncos @ Giants

  • Green: P. Manning (QB), D. Thomas (WR), W. Welker (WR), E. Manning (QB), D. Wilson (RB), V. Cruz (WR), H. Nicks (WR), M. Prater (K),
  • Yellow: E. Decker (WR), J. Thomas (TE), R. Randle (WR), M. Brown (WR), B. Myers (TE), J. Brown (K), DEN DEF
  • Red: K. Moreno (RB), M. Ball (RB), R. Hillman (RB), NYG DEF

Jaguars @ Raiders

  • Green: T. Pryor (QB), D. McFadden (RB), M. Jones-Drew (RB), C. Shorts (WR), S. Janikowski (K)
  • Yellow: C. Henne (QB), D. Moore (WR), R. Streeter (WR), D. Ausberry (TE), M. Lewis (TE), J. Scobee (K), OAK DEF
  • Red: B. Gabbert (QB), JAC DEF

Sunday Night Football

49ers @ Seahawks

  • Green: SEA DEF, SF DEF
  • Yellow: C. Kaepernick (QB), R. Wilson (QB), F. Gore (RB), M. Lynch (RB), A. Boldin (WR), V. Davis (TE)
  • Red: S. Rice (WR), G. Tate (WR), D. Baldwin (WR), K. Williams (WR), Q. Patton (WR), Z. Miller (TE)
  • Note: If you have to play a player you drafted with a high pick then roll with your guy, it’s understandable. If you’re going to lean towards a team’s offensive players, SF looked better week 1 but SEA has the 12th man in this one. Go with your gut.

Monday Night Football

Steelers @ Bengals

  • Green: A.J Green (WR), CIN DEF
  • Yellow: A. Brown (WR), J. Gresham (TE), PIT DEF
  • Red: B. Roethlisberger (QB). Andy Dalton (QB), B. Green-Ellis (RB), G. Bernard (RB), I. Redman (RB), J. Dwyer (RB), E. Sanders (WR), D. Paulson (TE), J. Cotchery (WR), M. Sanu (WR)