NFL Goes Awol: Week 2 Picks & Locks

After going 13-3 week 1, let’s try to beat that with a little better picture of the league.

NYJ @ NE  
MIN@ CHI  Chicago100
WAS @ GB  
DAL @ KC  
CLE @ BLT  Baltimore100
SD @ PHI  
NO @ TB  TampaBay100
JAX @ OAK  Oakland100
DEN @ NYG  Denver100
SF @ SEA  SanFrancisco100
PIT @ CIN  Cincinnati100

The Jets did some good things last week, but the undermanned Patriots have a quietly-improved      defense. After all, since we’re talking about the Jets, nah let’s wrap it up until they deserve it. 27-        17, New England is a lock to win.

The Rams present an interesting matchup and will put up a fight, until evidently, it’s a matter of        time for the Falcons to seal the victory even if it’s slim. Falcons flex their muscle and is a lock to      win, 24-17.

The Bills have some advantages, but the front-7 Carolina has arrived. Cam Newton shows E.J.              Manuel how it’s done. Panthers claw their way, 17-13.


Christian Ponder, enough said. Bears hold home field, 27-20.


Since they’re saying this is going to be a shootout, I put my money on Aaron Rodgers. The                  Redskins will play better this week, but come up short on the road. Green Bay’s a lock, 34-24.


Looking forward to this Andrew Luck/Ryan Tannehill battle. These two offenses rely on their              arms, Indy’s defense has a different look under-the-radar. Colts 23-13.

The Chiefs are tough at home and looked sharp last week, or did they? Yeah the Cowboys played      their usual ugly football, but all three units did more than enough to win last week, respectively.        28-17 Dallas. 

The Ravens are seeking to make a rebound statement, the next time they play the Browns could      be the favorite at home. But as of right now Baltimore is a lock and has too much, 31-16.

It’s going to take another impressive win for me to buy into Tennessee. I remember the Titans          highlights against Pittsburgh. On the other hand, you saw Houston Texans’ football in the                  second half. Arian Foster & Ben Tate pound the ball en route to a 30-20 victory.

Valiant efforts ease the pain in loses, but the Chargers sure know how to lose in a variety of                ways. The Eagles almost blew their lead as well, and this week they will gas the Bolts 31-20.


This is going to be a gem to watch. Matthew Stafford, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson, and Brandon         Pettigrew for the Lions. The Cardinals have Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, and a couple solid           receivers.It’s going to be a good one that results in 36-28, Detroit.

The Buccaneers had a players-only meeting and some drama going on right now. The Saints                appear to be marching in with their swagger back, head coach Sean Payton. Tampa Bay will have      a handful of players with chips on their shoulders, sneaking away 31-27.

The Raiders have a running game and a pass rush, according to week 1. The Jaguars scored 2              points. Oakland is a “close, but no cigar” type of lock 23-10. 

All eyes are on the quarterbacks instead of the football. Enjoy watching these skill position                  players on the field: Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, David Wilson,            Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Reuben Randle, and Brandon Myers. Big bro-Manning and Denver,          37-28.

Comparing their week 1 performances, I was more impressed with San Francisco’s ability to                outscore Seattle than Seattle’s slug fest with the Panthers. In this must-watch game of the week,      the 49ers dig out a win in front of the 12th man 20-14.

Did you see the Bengals/Bears physical game? Alright, did you catch the Steelers/Titans                        highlights? Well, A.J. Green is going to ball so hard on MNF, Cincy 24-16.


Locks                                                            Upset                                                 Must-See

Patriots > Jets                                             Buccaneers > Saints                      Lions @ Cardinals

Falcons > Rams                                                                                                       49ers @ Seahawks

Texans > Titans

Eagles > Chargers

Broncos > Giants