Fantasy Football: Week 4


Green: Defenses should be played without second-guessing yourself, that includes defensive players.

Yellow: The kickers are worth the gamble.

Red: If you do not have to play an offensive player in this game, it is highly recommended that you find an alternative.



Green: You just don’t sit Calvin Johnson, likewise with Matthew Stafford, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and the Bears defense. When these teams clash the kickers are called upon to add points.

Yellow: Play Detroit running backs with confidence, especially if Reggie Bush is sidelined then the show belongs to Joique Bell. You could get away with playing Jay cutler and Alshon Jeffrey if you really need them, but there should be plenty of better options..

Red: After losing Nate Burleson, I would take a wait & see approach with any other receiving option on the Lions. Martellus Bennett fell off one week, but he’s the type of player that has to earn any benefit of the doubt back. You can’t trust Detroit’s defense.



Green: If you have a high draft pick you have to play them, so put C.J. Spiller in and Ray Rice if he plays. Torrie Smith, Stevie Johnson and C.J. Spiller will be involved as usual. Go ahead and play both of these kickers.

Yellow: Bernard Pierce would be a must-play if Rice is out. Fred Jackson would serve you better in standard leagues, but just so you know PPR is better. Take a flier on these defenses, you could do better but you could do worse. Joe Flacco is a better play than E.J. Manuel, but that’s if you don’t have a top-15 QB already.

Red: Aside from the #1 receivers I wouldn’t feel comfortable with any of the other guys.



Green: Larry Fitzgerald because you drafted him high and he’s probably your #1 receiver, just keep in mind he’s going to Revis Island. Doug Martin is about the surest offensive player in this game. Yeah, these defenses have a shot to force turnovers.

Yellow: Be cautious with your expectations of the quarterbacks and their weapons, TB targets hobbled and ARI doesn’t have an o-line. You usually have to proceed with caution with Rashard Mendenhall. Considering the offense will most likely stall themselves, both kickers have upside.

Red: Josh Freeman should not be on any Fantasy roster at this time.



Green: Adrian Peterson was the first pick of your draft in 99.9% of leagues everywhere. Antonio Brown should continue to connect with his QB. These teams should move the ball enough for the kickers to get in on the action.

Yellow: Big Ben has his moments, he has more upside here since his career has been streaky and he’s coming off a strong week. And basically every other offensive players for both teams.

Red: Defenses have a chance in this game, that doesn’t mean that I trust them though.


Green: Jamaal Charles is going to go off again. Victor Cruz is so smooth. I actually like Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Myers this week.

Yellow: Both QBs. Donnie Avery could totally post Jeremy Maclin numbers under Andy Reid, he’s worth the shot. Hakeem Nicks is always enticing.

Red: Stay away from the Giants backfield. Really, if you wanna play Reuben Randle then be my guest if you’re my opponent.



Green: Andrew Luck to Reggie Wayne all day. Maurice Jones-Drew if he’s a go. You would think the Colts’ defense is dependable after stumping SF. Adam Vinatieri will get his stats.

Yellow: Colts running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson. Play other Colts WR/TE at your own risk. Cecil Shorts plays hard.

Red: Jaguars defense and kicker.



Green: A.J. Green, Jordan Cameron, CIN DEF, both kickers

Yellow: Both QBs, Josh Gordon, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Bengals receiving targets and TEs, CLE DEF

Red: Browns RBs



Green: Chris Johnson was drafted high enough you probably need him in this tough matchup.  Both kickers and defenses are good to go here.

Yellow: Stephen Hill has been allocating solid yardage and Santonio Holmes had a breakout week. Kendall Wright is coming on. No one else has been getting thrown to really.

Red: Don’t play these quarterbacks, if they do well that’s great for them. Kenny Britt is playing himself out of the league, boy does he have the talent.



Green: Play the QBs, RBs, and Kickers. Pierre Garcon and Denarius Moore.

Yellow: The defenses could do something, but they are giving up a lot of big plays.

Red: No one else is all that trustworthy.


Green: Peyton Manning his weapons because they will score. LeSean McCoy and Desean Jackson. Play the kickers too.

Yellow: Michael Vick has upside. Brent Celek. Denver’s defense if you like the matchup.

Red: Leave Philadelphia’s defense alone. Bryce Brown. Broncos RBs due to committee.



Green: The quarterbacks should do their thing. DeMarco Murray should keep his momentum rolling, and Dez Bryant needs to play better. The kickers are must-starts.Eddie Royal should get back on track. Antonio Gates looks healthy, Jason Witten is great in his own right.

Yellow: These defenses have upside. I like Danny Woodhead more than Ryan Mathews based off his expanded role.

Red: No reason to play a receiver that wasn’t already mentioned.



Green: The guys at the helm always have the green light. If Rob Gronkowski plays, you play him. Julian Edelman will get his catches. Tony Gonzalez will take advantage of the linebackers. Definitely insert the kickers into your lineup.

Yellow: You know the Falcons have great receivers, they are both green lights when healthy so follow their statuses. Jason Snelling tallied triple digits last week. Patriots defense could force some turnovers. You could play the NE WRs if you need to. Harry Douglas could be the guy left open again, I just wouldn’t bet on it.

Red: Jacquizz Rodgers, Falcons defense is still learning how to defend.



Green: Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham, both kickers

Yellow: Everybody else on offense, perhaps both defenses if there’s no other options

Red: Daniel Thomas