NFL Goes Awol: 2-Point Conversion

Despite the criticism I actually see where 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh was coming from, in regards to his treatment of linebacker Aldon Smith. Think about this, being around the player since training camp and what not, the coach did what he thought was best for the kid. The way I look at it he allowed Smith to play a game he already game-planned for and they had agreed to focus on the issue after Sunday’s game. He gave the kid the remainder of the week to face the truth, hash out things with teammates, and somewhat prepare mentally for the next chapter. Missing football is one thing, which he was given the opportunity to play, and now he is in rehabilitation for alcohol abuse. This decision showed some sympathy and understanding rather than beating a guy while he’s down, so I commend Coach Harbaugh for making the tough call. A call in which was based on the situation as opposed to a generality, something that got skimmed over in the midst of the media’s “know-it-all” overreaction.

A different ongoing situation in Tampa Bay has resulted in the benching of quarterback Josh Freeman. After losing his captain status, missing team pictures, asking for a trade, and now this, his departure is inevitable. Rookie Mike Glennon gets the opportunity to go under center for the Buccaneers, a team that believes they have the roster to compete considering the investments via draft and free agency on both sides of the ball. Freeman was not drafted under the regime of coach Greg Schiano but they tried to make it work, perhaps this is a step in the right direction for the franchise to move on from something that didn’t work. As for Freeman, he is young enough to take a shot on but could wind up out of the league for being unprofessional. His coach has to show more leadership before he gets sent back to the college level. Nonetheless, it’s a long NFL season.