NFL Goes Awol: Quarterbacks

AFC West

Peyton Manning is playing as good as ever, and he is spreading the wealth to all targets while posting video game stats.

Alex Smith is on the same page as Andy Reid, spot on with his decisions which includes when to use his legs.

Philip Rivers has taken advantage of zone defenses, he is also taking care of the football and resorting to running backs when necessary.

Terrelle Pryor brought back excited to the Raiders, as he continues to grow you can just see how poised he is in the pocket.

AFC East

Tom Brady is stringing together wins despite his supporting cast dropping passes, he will find his usual success when Rob Gronkowski suits up.

Ryan Tannehill is stepping his game up in his second season, looking comfortable for a 3-0 start in this Green Bay-style offense brought by coach Joe Philbin.

Geno Smith has no conscious and that’s a big reason he is making clutch plays in the 4th quarter of games.

E.J. Manuel is leading like he belongs so far with a touchdown to interception ratio of 4:1.

AFC North

Andy Dalton is utilizing everyone when he drops back, never failing to keep stud wideout A.J. Green involved.

Joe Flacco got the job done to win a Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean he’s earned the crown to be mentioned as anything but an average quarterback.

Brian Hoyer got an opportunity and threw for over 300 yards in the Browns’ first win of the season, so he gets a another start over Brandon Weeden.

Ben Roethlisberger has his fair share of ups and downs, he just doesn’t have the team to dig out of an 0-3 start even if he plays better.

AFC South

Andrew Luck is a future Hall of Fame QB in my book, and it sure is fun to watch this guy lead the team and be the face of a franchise.

Matt Schaub seems to come on more in the second half of games, he sure is one of the best passers off of play-action.

Jake Locker showed some leadership and grit to comeback in front of his home crowd, he looked like the dual-threat they drafted him to be.

Chad Henne had his chances to start in this league, now it’s Blaine Gabbert’s turn to live up to being the 10th pick in the first round although he hasn’t so far.

NFC West

Russell Wilson looks polished by trusting his defense, not turning over the ball, and having the discipline to run for first downs out of bounds.

Sam Bradford was told to be the man and he’s performing above average so far, he has to start making plays with his feet around the pocket.

Colin Kaepernick thoroughly enjoys playing San Francisco, however every quarterback needs healthy weapons and his scrambling has been limited by defenses.

Carson Palmer doesn’t have the best offensive line in the world, but when Larry Fitzgerald is double-teamed they haven’t moved the chains.

NFC East

Tony Romo isn’;t throwing a ton of passes right now like we’re accustomed to, and the balanced offense is maximizing his accuracy while limiting turnovers.

Michael Vick has the statistics to support his play aside from last week, but he has to be watching the film and seeing his targets wide open in the middle of the field despite his height.

Robert Griffin III is connecting with his receivers when they’re losing in the second half, it would be interesting to see them make those plays in the first half.

Eli Manning definitely has two sides, this is the ugly step-brother that threw 25 interceptions a few seasons ago.

NFC North

Jay Cutler is getting treated similarly to Tony Romo, playing very well, and on top of that he is using his legs then lowering his shoulder against defenders.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have the 4th quarter stats to backup his impact, so I expect him to take that head on by being right on the money.

Matthew Stafford has been somewhat tamed as well, he’s dumping it to the running backs but his tight ends need to get involved.

Christian Ponder can tell you that the Vikings are scoring points and the defense isn’t doing it’s job, however if Matt Cassel starts and plays well because of injury you have to roll with the hot hand right?

NFC South

Drew Brees and company are happy coach Sean Payton is back on the sidelines, and Brees is airing it out as you’ve expected.

Matt Ryan has this banged-up offense moving just not enough, now he’s got to accept his adjusted role and make his teammates better.

Cam Newton certainly has his moments but his reads are still off, they should be calling more play-action for him to use that big arm downfield.

Josh Freeman’s experiment progressively went downhill, consequently rookie Mike Glennon is replacing him to see if he’s the future of Tampa Bay or not.