NFL Week 5

Sunday AM Games

Jaguars @ Rams

Prediction: Las Vegas believes the Rams to be 11-point favorites and  they should cover at home. Rams 24-13.

Fantasy: S. Bradford (QB), M. Jones-Drew (RB), T. Austin (WR), J. Blackmon (WR), J. Cook (TE), G. Zuerlein (K), STL DEF

Chiefs @ Titans

Prediction: Kansas City is favored by a field goal, but even on the road it I’ll take them by more points because they are facing a backup quarterback. Chiefs 23-13.

Fantasy: J. Charles (RB), C. Johnson (RB), R. Succop (K), R. Bironas (K), KC DEF

Eagles @ Giants

Prediction: New York is favored by a point and a half, it doesn’t matter if they’re home this is a bad team and Philadelphia at least has a couple positives to draw from. Eagles 30-24.

Fantasy: M. Vick (QB), E. Manning (QB), L. McCoy (RB), D. Wilson (RB), D. Jackson (WR), V. Cruz (WR), A. Henery (K), J. Brown (K)

Ravens @ Dolphins

Prediction: Baltimore is quietly playing better defense and although Miami is expected to win by 3, they are starting to point fingers offensively. Ravens 20-16.

Fantasy: R. Rice (RB), L. Miller (RB), T. Smith (WR), C. Clay (TE), J. Tucker (K), C. Sturgis (K)

Seahawks @ Colts

Prediction: Seattle is given a field goal on the road and they should continue to roll against a mediocre offensive line in front of Andrew Luck, who will put up a fight. Seahawks 24-17.

Fantasy: R. Wilson (QB), A. Luck (QB), M. Lynch (RB), T. Richardson (RB), A. Vinatieri (K), SEA DEF

Lions @ Packers

Prediction: Detroit has a few wins but I expect Green Bay to snap out of their funk coming off a bye, just not sure about them covering the touchdown spread. Packers 33-30.

Fantasy: Basically play any player on offense, including the kickers, because they’re players too.

Patriots @ Bengals

Prediction: New England has the one-point edge visiting Cincinnati, however they need better health and the Bengals are good on both sides of the ball too despite a letdown against the rival/surprise Browns. Bengals 21-20.

Fantasy: T. Brady (QB), A.J. Green (WR), S. Gostowski (K

Saints @ Bears

Prediction: New Orleans plays better in the friendly confines of the Superdome even though they get the betting nod by a point, but in the NFC Game of the Week the Bears win this game with all three aspects contributing. Bears 33-31.

Fantasy: D. Brees (QB), J. Cutler (QB), D. Sproles (RB), M. Forte (RB), M. Colston (WR), B. Marshall (WR), A. Jeffrey (WR), M. Bennett (TE), J. Graham (NO), G. Hartley (NO), R. Gould (K)

Sunday PM Games

Panthers @ Cardinals

Prediction: Carolina travels after a bye week getting two points, sometimes that extra time doesn’t correlate to the field because Arizona gets middle linebacker Darryl Washington back and the offense should be able to do just enough. Cardinals 23-21.

Fantasy: Honestly there are players you have to roll with as starters in this game, just don’t expect the world from anybody in this one.

Broncos @ Cowboys

Prediction: Denver should be at least touchdown favorites until further notice, and no America’s Team will not have enough answers on either side of the ball, even at Jerry World. Broncos 37-27.

Fantasy: Basically play any player on offense, including the kickers, because they’re players too (same as the DET/GB game).

SNF: Texans @ 49ers

Prediction: San Francisco is getting six points on home turf, I don’t think they will cover that but they should get the job done against Houston that is in a fragile state of mind right now. 49ers 23-19.

Fantasy: Roll with the offensive players that you need because you probably drafted them high. HOU DEF, SF DEF

SNF: Chargers @ Raiders

Prediction: San Diego goes to the Bay Area with momentum and 4.5 point odds, and they will live up to this week’s expectations against an undermanned Raiders team that won’t be able to keep up on the scoreboard. Chargers 31-19.

Fantasy: P. Rivers (QB), T. Pryor (QB), D. Moore (WR), A. Gates (TE), N. Novak (K), S. Janikowski (K), SD DEF

MNF: Jets @ Falcons

Prediction: New York is a double-digit underdog (10) that has restored their defensive recognition, on the other hand Atlanta is good at home and slowly but surely getting healthier which means they have too many weapons to contain. Falcons 26-13.

Fantasy: M. Ryan (QB), B. Powell (RB), R. White (WR), J. Jones (WR), S. Hill (WR), T. Gonzalez (TE), N. Folk (K), M. Bryant (K)

Bye Week

MIN: They are so adamant that Ponder is the guy and I believe he is the better talent, although very raw, but Cassel has led a team with weapons to a 10-win season before (Patriots when Brady got injured).

PIT: The defense is older and O-line is too banged up, this season might never turn around for them as their high expectations seem unrealistic.

TB: The definition of disarray and that’s saying a lot because the Jaguars are worse than they are, I just hope they call Tim Tebow for their own good.

WAS: Perhaps the cure to their early season woes is the bye week to get healthier, then again I’m one of those guys that believes last season’s success was an aberration.