NFL Goes Awol: Top Defenses

Top 12 Defenses

1. Houston Texans: Best in terms of yardage allowed, if the QB switch puts more points on the board then this will be a tough team to beat weekly.

2. Seattle Seahawks: Best defense in the league that threatens to score every week, Percy Harvin’s return can help build leads for them to relentlessly smother the backfield.

3. Carolina Panthers: Slowly but surely this defense has improved into elite status, they go hand-in-hand with the smash-mouth offense hence their winning streak.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Still in the mix and won’t be forgotten on this side of the ball despite key injuries, if Todd Haley wasn’t a problematic offensive coordinator you would see them in the playoff picture.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: They can only play who’s on the schedule and they are handling their business, leading the way for the only undefeated team in football.

6. New York Jets: Hiccups happen but that’s no reason to write them off for one blowout loss, Rex Ryan has re-built this stout defense that keeps them in games.

7. Cleveland Browns: Thrusting into respectability after flirting with defensive success in years past, any good defense still needs offensive production to maintain their level of play.

8. Cincinnati Bengals: Best defense in AFC in my eyes, even without top cornerback Leon Hall they should continue to attack and frustrate offensive coordinators.

9. San Francisco 49ers: Nasty defense that makes a quarterback feel like he’s suffocating, they make you feel their presence all game long by hitting everyone that even flinches.

10. Oakland Raiders: They live in the backfield and dare you to beat them downfield, they play physical and collapse on the line of scrimmage.

11. Green Bay Packers: Sells out against the run while depending on secondary to make plays on the ball, forces teams to speed up puts the ball in Aaron Rodgers’ hands more.

12. New Orleans Saints: Rob Ryan looks like a good fit with the players on his new defense, vastly improving a bad defense gives Drew Brees more opportunities and wiggle room for error.