NFL Goes Awol: Top Pass Defenses

Top 12 Pass Defenses

1. Houston Texans: Anchored by the monstrous J.J. Watt, Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips is still strategically wrecking havoc on whoever has to block his aggressive defense.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Speaking of great defensive coordinators, Dick Labeau isn’t changing a damn thing that works and it helps to have a healthy Troy Polomalu roam while quarterbacks have to guess where the pressure will come from.

3. Seattle Seahawks: It’s true that a good D-line makes the rest of the defense better, the same can be said for the most active secondary in the league producing coverage sacks and touching the ball as much as opposing receivers.

4. Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid is an offensive guru but he and his coaching crew have sparked a fire under an already good defense filled with Pro Bowlers.

5. New England Patriots: They would probably be higher if they didn’t lose a couple of key players for the season, that doesn’t mean they’ll slip too far because Chandler Jones is invading everybody’s space on gameday and the unit is following suit with Aquib Talib coming back soon.

6. Cleveland Browns: Aside from shutdown cornerback Joe Haden, it has to feel good when your linebackers can both cover and apply pressure.

7. Tennessee Titans: These guys man up on the perimeter and they gang tackle, the pressure comes from different directions with active hands.

8. San Francisco 49ers: Aldon Smith definitely gives them another intimidating threat when he plays, that hasn’t detoured this team from keeping up high defensive standards.

9. Carolina Panthers: The secondary isn’t necessarily great, the thing is that the pass rush is fierce in front of fast linebackers that close in on the seams in a zone.

10. New Orleans Saints: In a passing league they’re containing the opposition through the air to their credit, the concern here would be that their division is probably going to run early and often to keep their offense on the sidelines.

11. Cincinnati Bengals: Elite defensive line allows the linebackers to attack the gaps while putting the secondary in a position to

12. St. Louis Rams: With Cortland Finnegan this defense just might be well-rounded, and you saw on Monday Night Football what they’ve done for the past couple of seasons now, and that’s attack you at each position.