NFL Goes Awol: Top Run Defenses

Top 12 Run Defenses

1. New York Jets: Tough to go against mentally and physically, they dial up different blitzes and coverages and the key for them is dominating up front.

2. Carolina Panthers: The front-7 is disruptive, they keep you in front of them, and you may try to keep the offense balanced but you’re not moving the ball on the ground.

3. Denver Broncos: Defensive Coordinator Jack del Rio has implemented a successful scheme that has received a boost from Von Miller’s return, they certainly push the pocket.

4. Green Bay Packers: Shuffling through defensive players isn’t what you strive for, but the “next man up” continues to be professional and productive, like throwing a blanket on a fire.

5. Arizona Cardinals: Darryl Washington being inserted into the lineup has this defense on the rise, offensive lines get worn down by them which starts a domino effect.

6. Oakland Raiders: All eyes on the backfield as they send the house at the trenches, they gameplan to wipe out your running game.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They allow their playmakers to do their thing in a vanilla defense to achieve results, such as hunting running backs down from sideline to sideline.

8. Cincinnati Bengals: Sometimes they stack the box but they don’t need to with a strong defensive line, and to use an old school term, they play within the rules but it’s like they’re headhunters.

9. Philadelphia Eagles: They sell out on defense, attempting to speed up the game by making you pass to get the ball back to the explosive offense.

10. New York Giants: One of the few bright spots on the team is their run defense, figuring out a way to take away to minimize runs usually gives you a chance to win.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: They display textbook tackling and stay in their gaps, working as a unit by winning the battle at each level of the defense.

12. Cleveland Browns: The swarm is constant without doing too much, the vanilla defense works because the role players funnel the ball to their playmakers.