Eagles Fly Behind Nick Foles

This is what I’ve been clamoring for, Philadelphia to see what quarterback Nick Foles can bring to the field. Heading into not this, but last season, I wanted the Eagles to start him from day one. The consensus around the league and die-hard fans, you would not win a Super Bowl with Michael Vick. He’s exciting to watch if he’s not on your favorite team and he’s good (and bad) for a few highlights. Foles didn’t get the exposure that other signal callers got, so there’s always a guy here or there that gets overlooked. What bothers me, is when false information gets spread as the gospel. This kid isn’t the prospect that Andrew Luck is, and he’s not as fast as Vick is, both statements are correct. Once upon a time nobody knew who that backup quarterback from Michigan was, until Tom Brady bursted on the scene because of a Drew Bledsoe’s injury.

I get it, he had a bad game against the rival Cowboys a couple weeks ago. Here’s some news for you, he was healthier than Vick to play, which he did quietly with a hobbled quad. Before that, he led the team to back to back victories against the Giants and Buccaneers. Granted, those aren’t the most competitive teams, but hey the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t played the toughest slate of games and they’re undefeated so you take any win you earn. I don’t want to see the same story over and over with Vick, he had his time and his career in the City of Brotherly Love should be over whenever the Eagles are done playing games. You probably saw what Foles did last week, yes against the Raiders, 400 yards and seven touchdown passes against a top-ten defense. You read that right, Oakland will obviously drop out of the top-ten after that performance.

Back to Foles and his features, we’re talking about a second-year QB that plays similarly to a former MVP, Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. He’s slightly slower than Rodgers but he has the mobility to run for a first down, contrary to the false analysis on television. Standing at 6’6, as opposed to Vick who stood 6’0 at most, he can actually look over his O-line and pass to the middle of the field. Don’t put him on the same level as the other guys that threw for seven scores, some Hall of Famers, but don’t write this guy off as some rip off of Matt Flynn. After all, last time I checked the NFC East doesn’t have a strong and contending team in it, at least not yet. Oh and for the record, when ehad coach Chip Kelly has a healthy QB from the first snap until the clock strikes zero, the offense absolutely produces, ranking 4th in yards.