AFC Pro Bowl Watch: Quarterbacks

Top Three Quarterbacks

When it comes to Peyton Manning, there’s not a player at their respective position playing better right now. This living legend is posting over 40 points a per week with the stats to backup the eye test.

Philip Rivers has bounced back with coaching changes, leading the charge in the hunt for a wildcard spot. He’s accepted the checkdown pass rather than toss up 50-50 balls.

Andy Dalton is getting the job done at a steady pace. He’s developing into a reliable game manager that has the ability to elevate his play under pressure.

On the cusp:

Tom Brady is catching on and I expect him to close the season at a very high level.

The Steelers aren’t a threat right now but could be if Ben Roethlisberger puts the team on his back.

Andrew Luck has all the tools, he could catapult his name into the conversation if he expands his leadership role with the loss of Reggie Wayne.