NFC Pro Bowl Watch: Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers are a top-four quarterback that is arguably the best in the business to build a team around. This year was no different until his injury on Monday Night Football, hopefully he returns to the field sooner rather than later.

What more can you say about Drew Brees? The tandem he’s formed with coach Sean Payton has taken the league by storm, spreading the ball to everyone that steps on the field and the only two losses they have are against AFC teams.

The polarity that Tony Romo generates is merited. We’ve seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to performing with the game on the line, and when you think about it there aren’t too many better than this guy around the league.

On the cusp:

All Russell Wilson has done is make good decisions and secure the football. He plays in a run-first offense but his team counts on his poise and he’s producing with the best of them.

The ultimate dual-threat at quarterback has been Cam Newton, something clicked and Superman is showing leadership. He has intangibles that no other quarterback has, if he keeps his foot on the pedal he’ll finish with a winning record.

Matthew Stafford, much like Tony Romo and Philip Rivers, has been reigned in and we’re seeing it pay dividends. He brings the wildcard attribute of instinct to the table and is allowing his talented running backs to do their thing in space.