NFL Week 12: Broncos/Patriots, Manning/Brady

Game of the Week: Broncos at Patriots

Denver is healthier right now and timing is everything. Granted, New England is the healthiest they have been all season on offense, the same can’t be said as their secondary is on the injury report. The Patriots have an unknown x-factor with the return of running back Shane Vereen, who’s versatility gives them a boost through the air. The Broncos are too good not to exploit the middle of that Patriots defense that has lost defensive tackles and a middle linebacker, then you can throw in the cornerbacks and safeties that are questionable for this showdown. With Von Miller back on the field disrupting the quarterback’s strong side, I have to go with the team playing at a higher level at this point in time, with health on their side.

Denver on the road, 31-24.

What that means to betters, is that these teams will probably go over the projected 54 points. Denver is the favorite by a couple points and it appears to be the safe play, that is IF you are going to wager on this showdown that will surely entertain.

The key for both of these teams will be the ground game, this Sunday and throughout their playoff runs. Can Stevan Ridley stop fumbling the ball when New England relies on him? If he gets benched again, is Shane Vereen the guy to takeover all running back duties AND stay healthy? Does LeGarrette Blount become the factor he once was, where he gained one thousand yards in a season? As for Denver, is Knowshon Moreno looking fatigued? Ronnie Hilman has been deactivated for his fumbling issues, something the team is trying to overcome with rookie Montee Ball.