Week 14 TNF: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Texans @ Jaguars

Surprisingly, this is a lost season for Houston at 2-10, who are now led by a backup quarterback and running back. Jacksonville has reconciled their image after winning three of the last four games, pulling themselves up to 3-9. These AFC South rivals won’t showcase good football, but you’re damn sure they are going to play for pride. The Jaguars beat them a couple weeks back and they certainly enter this matchup with all the momentum, considering the Texans lost 10 games straight. The spread suggests Houston snaps out of it with a win on the road by a field goal, perhaps because they only lost to New England by a field goal. Some may think that they performed better in that game than the Jags did in beating the Browns, I choose to stick with a team finding ways to win after starting 0-8.

The last game they played was low-scoring, and I mean, they are in the bottom five in points scored. Which brings me to the conclusion that since they are in the top five in points allowed, that this should be a shootout. Texans Receiver Andrew Johnson should be salivating after watching what Browns Receiver Josh Gordon did to them, 261 yards later. The thing is though, is that the Jags found a way to win. I expect them to win their third division game in a row because they are making more plays on both sides of the ball as of late.

Jags 34-27.