St. Louis Rams

This definitely includes all the Rams fans that rooted for them in Los Angeles. You’re probably still loyal to your team.

Defense still wins championships while the quarterback doesn’t have to break passing records. The Seahawks, Ravens, and Giants twice, contained strong offenses to hoist the Lombardi.

A good safety simplifies things for the rest of the unit and the defensive coordinator. He’s got your back under any circumstance; being the last line of tackling and coverage, taking away most big plays throughout a season. Allowing your defense to play in attack mode, drastically more aggressive than the majority.

Jairus Byrd is a 3-time Pro Bowl safety in a handful of seasons, departing the Bills with plenty of interest. After meeting with the Rams and head coach Jeff Fischer, it’s hard not to play for a defensive guru that specializes in the secondary. Imagine Byrd playing like a center fielder, James Laurenitis roaming in front of him, with DPOY candidate Robert Quinn and Chris Long harassing the backfield. Laurenitis racks up tackles with the best of them, and Long came along last season.

Word is that St. Louis might try to sway Alterraun Verner to follow his former coach in Tennessee. The Pro Bowl cornerback has made a name for himself, first by being a good tackler and more recently, turning out to be a well-rounded. I think he built on a strong 2012 by having a stronger 2013 campaign. He shadowed receivers, made plays on the ball, and won those battles with regularity. Current Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins, showed flashes in his rookie season to make you think he’ll be a starter for awhile. Not only would that secondary be revamped overnight, the pass rush could improve just as much if they used the second overall pick on Jadeveon Clowney. The man-child defensive end from South Carolina is destined for top-5 draft status.

On the flip-side, there are free agents you can bring into the defensive line rotation. They are good as it is, why not select receiver Sammy Watkins to fill the half-decade, vacant number one spot. Give Sam Bradford an actual weapon to throw to, only then will tight end Jared Cook and some of the young receivers flourish in their roles. Of course it opens the playbook up, the past few years teams have magnetized to cheat toward the line because the couldn’t stretch the field. St. Louis could bring in an offensive lineman or linebacker with the 13th overall pick that they also have. Even better if they keep pending free agent Jo-Lonn Dunbar, so they could come out the first round with two offensive players. Especially since defense is their stronger suit, an offense that can score some points or move the chains is often the best defense, so when you have a good defense that helps make them great.