Improve College Basketball

Don’t watch them anymore, don’t care enough to. Colleges are a scam, when it comes to the foundation, it starts at the top, it’s all about money, and that applies to students and student-athletes. This is a sports blog however, so all that other jazz, well I’ll leave it at that.

March Madness, I can’t stand the tournament. Sure, it’s exciting for the population that has little ties to a certain school, especially if they are a powerhouse program. Here’s where I’m getting at, the madness is great for fans rooting for unknown teams and everyone predicting the same Cinderella upsets.

What about value and substance? There is little meaning to playing around 30 or so games, only to get taken down in the first or second round by a random team that got hot in some lucky performance. There’s another tournament called the NIT, which gets less attention but is part of the March Madness festivities.

I’ve proposed this before, several years ago, of course nothing’s going to change the NCAA besides athletes earning some form of compensation. What would be best for business? Why not give the NIT tournament a boost, while magnifying the NCAA Tournament and the college championship. All while improving the product on the court by holding these schools, the recruiters, coaches, and players accountable for every single game. Meaning, make the season worth something and reward the truly top teams in the nation for all of their hard work and success.

Make the tournament for the National Championship competitive between the best 16, perhaps 32 teams in the country, depending on NCAA preference of course. Money runs everything which usually ruins most good things, unfortunately. If it were up to me, and it’s not and never will be but if you’re a sports die-hard like myself it’s a topic that I hope gets attention down the road, I ‘d make a radical change to the current bracket.

Sixteen teams in 3-game series, throughout each round of play. The best 16 teams, paired to win 2 out of 3 contests to advance, including the title series. It’s not as extensive as the NBA’s 7-game series, and definitely not as random and watered down as the current 64 team madness. One game, one and dones, anything can happen, so I’d keep that competitive excitement by adding the other “top” 48 teams to boost take the NIT to another level of importance. This is what I like to call, raising the stakes and putting the college money and recruitment where their mouths are. This gives NBA scouts a clearer picture on who’s consistent, who can adapt and make adjustments, who can dig deeper, who flourishes in the face of adversity? This gives a quality boost to prospects, to each draft class, and the quality of the game of basketball as a whole.

Whether the age limit stays put or changes, whether these student-athletes get some compensation, the game of basketball deserves to be treated with the respect because it takes unconditional and excessive work ethic to make it. Beyond words. I want to see polished players that can hit mid-range jumpers, that are students of the game enough to run a motion offense, that care about excelling on the defensive end even if they can effortlessly score the basketball.

Truth be told, some impactful change like this, I would bet it would attract more fans and reach out to those that didn’t finish nor attend college. Even those that aren’t classified as sports fans, it could be huge in my vision but I guess it’s alright with me if it’s just another sports topic to indulge in.