NBA SGs 2014

Only 3 players listed as shooting guards average 20+ points per game: James Harden, DeMar DeRozen, and Goran Dragic (although the Most Improved Player is a point guard, he starts alongside Eric Bledsoe). Here’s another note about Dragic, he’s the only SG ranked in the top 40 at the position, that shot over 50%. Hmm, if Dragic shot better than 76% from the line, that could easily boost his 3rd ranked 20.3 ppg to DeRozen (22.7) and Harden’s level (25.4). He’s as efficient as a player comes, drilling 40% from downtown, that should answer any questions about him winning the award.

Harden led SGs in scoring and assists, dropping 6 per game. A total of 4 shooting guards dished out 5+ dimes per contest: Harden, Dragic, Monta Ellis, and Gordon Hayward.

Timberwolves shooting guard Kevin Martin scored 19 ppg this season, his career average is 17.9. In the past 9 years, he’s recorded a handful of 20 ppg, the lowest being 14 with OKC last season. To me, Thunder coach Scott Brooks should have been on the hot seat for 2 years now, the offense is stagnant and dependent on their dynamic duo to do everything. Finally, they have been exposed this postseason, K-Mart should have been the perfect compliment as the third scorer. Oh and by the way, his 89% from the charity stripe led all shooting guards this year.

Lance Stephenson grabbed a position-leading 7.2 boards. The Pacers guard had a breakout season, some will say he just had a productive contract year. The next guy in line is Utah’s Hayward with 5.1.

Jimmy Butler continues to make strides, led all 2s in steals (1.9), minutes played (38.7), and placed 3rd in rebounds (4.9). Butler will be a name you’ll be hearing a lot, hop on the bandwagon now.

As far as double-double go, look no further than Stephenson and Harden. Stephenson led with 20, Harden notched 14, nobody else at the position tallied double figures.

Spinning off of that, triple-doubles: Stephenson 5, four others messed around and got a triple-double (1).

While the majority of you would roll with Harden as the best at the position, and I would too, please take note that Lance has arrived. He’s also a free agent this summer.

Stats don’t tell the whole story, of course some guys will be left off lists here and there. For instance, Bradley Beal. The rising star is the Wizard’ best all-around player. The future is very bright, led by that backcourt tandem he forms with John Wall at the point. Beal is smooth and was clutch in he first round against Chicago. Beal posted averages of 17 points, 3 assists, just shy of 4 boards, and a steal.

Jamaal Crawford won another 6th Man award and deservedly so. Sometimes an award can get monotonous to fans, like Greg Popovich winning Coach of the Year again,those two define consistency in their respective roles.

I’d definitely like to see more Klay Thompson, see him improve and be more efficient. Right now I see him as a high volume shooter on a team with several scorers. He gets attacked on the defensive end as well, maybe he needs to improve his ball-handling to make Golden State’s backcourt even better. That way, he takes a few less shot and you hope he’s hitting at a higher percentage, and Steph Curry off the ball should be getting screens and backdoor cuts all day. I guess that’s why they have capable handlers in Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes, but Thompson’s value has to improve as that franchise has made moves to win ASAP.

This is a good, young group of players that’s trying to take the reigns from Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. Thing is, the Black Mamba and Flash are still hungry to win and flexing when healthy. Granted, Wade is getting the Spurs veteran treatment, resting during the season to be as fresh as possible come playoff time. Bryant continues to have the biggest chip of them all, turning the chapter from his peak. Kobe doesn’t think he’s too old to ball, I hope you don’t either. He might need to rest during the year like Wade and Tim Duncan, he might not but who knows what to expect after a couple of injuries and the age factor.