Warriors Hire Steve Kerr

NBA analyst Steve Kerr has agreed to a 5-year deal for $25 million to become the new coach for Golden State. The Warriors lost in the first round of the playoffs to their interstate rival, the Los Angeles Clippers. Since then, they parted ways with Mark Jackson and quickly showed interest in Kerr. Kerr is a former guard that played for Cleveland, Chicago, San Antonio, and Portland. The former sharpshooter nets his first head coaching gig after working the broadcast booth.

I was puzzled that several teams showed interest in the inexperienced coaching candidate, they must have liked what they heard when he was calling NBA games from the sidelines. Credit should go to his former coach and current Knicks’ President, Phil Jackson. Jackson won a total of 13 championships as a player and a coach, and his desire to coach through Kerr to development him definitely upped the ante around the league. Had the situation panned out in New York’s favor, it would have been a similar situation as Miami President Pat Riley, and head coach Erik Spoelstra. Spoelstra was on Riley’s staff as a video coordinator, when Riley was head coach of the Heat.

“The City” in Northern California believes they have the man to right the ship with a roster made up of perimeter players. Do not get me wrong, I am rooting for my fellow San Diego resident, however, I was going to be skeptical about him as a coach for any team but the Knicks. Friction developed between Mark Jackson, the front office, and his coaching staff. For the record, the former Warriors coach had public support from his players. Looking at the roster, they are simply too young, so I don’t know what makes them think a first time head coach is the answer.

Steph Curry gets too careless with the ball, Klay Thompson just jacks up shots, and they both didn’t focus on the defensive end. Andre Iguodala, in the first full year with the team, prefers to defend and pass first. David Lee has the ability to go inside-out, you may call him inconsistent but I see a backcourt that didn’t get him involved down the stretch in the playoffs. I guess you can put some of that on the coach, point being is that youth is a lot to overcome. The front office equipped the team with a center that gets injured often, Andrew Bogut. Perhaps the bigger issue is at the top, who obviously won’t fire themselves.

Kerr has talented ball-handlers and shooters to work with, he has to install discipline and patience or they will fall short the same way every year. Plus, he gets to stay in California. As for Mark Jackson, expect him to coach either this season or the following. if you ask me, he would be the best option for the Lakers. As for Phil Jackson, he has a handful of proteges to bring to the Big Apple. For starters, Brian Shaw, Byron Scott, and Bill Cartwright, just don’t expect a seasoned head coach to be hand-picked to coach at MSG.