NBA Finals: Game 3

Alright, so the San Antonio Spurs held home court in game 1. Say what you will about the heat in the arena, it obviously had an affect on the game.

Miami snagged game 2 by holding the Spurs scoreless in the final two minutes, aside from a meaningless three by Manu Ginobli as time expired.

LeBron James and company return to South Beach. Greg Popovich has strategically dared Miami to shoot from mid-range. King James sealed the deal a year ago to win back-to-back titles, thanks to knocking down the lost art of mid-range shots. The game plan is great, clog the middle against penetrators while contesting shots behind the arc. The thing is, when Dwyane Wade looks fresh and Chris Bosh is involved, there’s no beating the defending champions.

San Antonio needs all five players on the court, at all times, to score the basketball collectively. Miami is as fundamentally sound as any team in the league on the defensive end. It’s one thing to go at James when he’s playing defense, but it doesn’t bode well unless he gets in foul trouble or the player scores in double figures. In that case, he will either be on the sidelines or forced not to help teammates as a second line of defense. The Heat are also as aggressive as anyone denying the passing lanes, as they are the very top in fast break scoring.

The big three for the Spurs, Parker-Ginobli-Duncan, they still have game but the veterans need the supporting cast to get buckets in this series. They can’t afford to see Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green combine for 18 points. As for their counterpart, Rashard Lewis has really given the champs a boost. The savvy pro looks like a version of Robert Horry, considering his success after sitting on the pine all season long.

Game 3 is always pivotal, San Antonio needs this game more. They may have come back from behind to win series in the past, however, Miami has only lost one series since the trio joined forces. That being, to Dallas in the 2011 Finals.