Tom Brady Keeping It Real

The future Hall of Fame quarterback was questioned about whether or not he is still top-5 at the helm, and he responded with this fantastic monologue in regards to evaluating the position.

“Other than wins and losses?”

“I think that people pay to watch the games on TV because there’s a scoreboard,” Brady explained. “I mean, I think that’s what it’s all about.  If there were no scoreboard, then people wouldn’t tune in and watch.  There’s only one stat that matters.  The competition in the NFL is very high, extremely high on a daily basis.  Some individuals compete against other guys and some compete against themselves so even if you don’t have someone you’re competing against, if you’re competing against yourself, you’re always gonna get better because there’s always competition.

“The guys that I’ve been around that find ways to motivate themselves, those are the best players.  They don’t have to wait for some Sunday in September to find out if they’re competitive.  You find that out in March.  You figure that out in February, at the end of February when no one else really is working.  The competition of what’s inside of you and how that’s gonna really help your team and build your team to be more competitive.  That’s all infectious. . . .

“You can’t sit here and compare one year to another year or compare this player to that player.  Winning games is the most important thing certainly for this organization and when you come here you learn that pretty quickly.  Whatever matters to you as an individual it’s far distant from what the team goals are.  And the team goal is one thing.  To score more points than the other team.”

By the way, you could see the press conference that begins with Brady not having a nickname like “Matty Ice” (Falcons QB Matt Ryan).