NFL Free Agent QBs

Free agency goes through several waves each offseason. So far we have passed the first pair of waves. Next will before the preseason, after evaluating the players on the current rosters. Following that wave, comes the preseason where injuries unfortunately occur and players underperform. It’s all a waiting game for the veterans that can still play at a high level, or for those that need the right situation to keep their careers alive.

As usual, the options at quarterback are thin. At this point, teams aren’t looking for a guy to compete for the starting gig, but for a 3rd QB that can compete for the backup job. In that case, there are a few capable signal callers that have reaped some success.

Rex Grossman wasn’t by any means the leader of the Bears several years ago, but he managed the offense enough for a Super Bowl appearance. Sure, it became evident that he held the team back from actually winning the big game, hence his departure from Chicago and most recently, Washington. David Garrard might have been a flash in the pan for the Jaguars once upon a time, yes he is near retirement after suffering a back injury that has kept him sidelined for awhile now.

Then you have the polarizing names like Tim Tebow and Vince Young. In short, both guys have the ability to complete a pass and run for a first down. The Tebow situation was magnified and blown out of proportion, by both parties for and against him. Objectively, Tebow struggled overall as a passer but he did complete timely passes. Obviously, the guy is a leader that took Denver to the playoffs and even beat Pittsburgh to advance. Some say one-trick pony, others say distractive individual. Young was eventually exposed for his lack of diligence. He didn’t always prepare nor learn the playbook like the guy at the helm should, yet the flipside of that is he posted an impressive record in his prime. He even stepped in for the Eagles, beating the Giants in a big division game with playoff implications.

Some other names: John Skelton (has some starting experience), Seneca Wallace (career backup with spot starts), David Carr (former #1 pick that sacked way too much, backup ever since), Kevin Kolb (had a couple of good games that earned him some big checks, and then the league watched film on him), and Josh Freeman (former starter, bounced around since, struggles to grasp playbook with a “me-first” attitude).

None of these names jumps out at you, and they shouldn’t. These names will only come into discussions when injuries pop up, this isn’t a valuable position in free agency.