NFL Receivers: High Expectations

Number Ones

Eric Decker (Jets): Won playoff games with Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, good blocker, signed to be top guy

Cordarrelle Patterson (Vikings): Playmaker will be featured in Norv Turner’s offense, broke out at the end of his rookie season

Tavon Austin (Rams): Team stood pat and only added free agent Kenny Britt, also a return man, they will look to get last year’s first round pick involved


Golden Tate (Lions): Part of underrated group in Seattle’s Super Bowl run, opposite of Calvin “Megatron” Johnson in explosive offense

Michael Floyd (Cardinals): First round pick last season, opposite the great Larry Fitzgerald, looked great the last couple months before getting banged up

Danny Amendola (Patriots): Injury issues every season, could have been more productive when he was on the field, opposite of Julian “100 catch” Edelman”


Sammy Watkins (Bills): Buffalo moved up in the draft to make him the first receiver picked, #1 guy as Stevie Johnson is on a new team, run-first offense, scouts say he has all the tools

Mike Evans (Buccaneers): 2nd receiver selected in the draft, opposite of Vincent Jackson in a balanced offense, known for fades & jump balls

Odell Beckham (Giants): 3rd receiver selected in the draft with the 12th pick, opposite the sensational Victor Cruz, known as a good route runner