NFL Quarterback Rankings

These rankings are based on the present. What have you done lately combined with the projections for this upcoming season. Some players may be higher on the list because of their production, others because of their talent, and some benefit from their team situations.

Elite Quarterbacks

  • Peyton Manning: The best in the NFL today, if not ever, coming off a 55 touchdown/nearly 5,500 yard season.
  • Drew Brees: The best in the NFC that continues to carriy a one-dimensional offense (until they actually run in the playoffs).
  • Tom Brady: Team player that leans on the run before turning it up in the second half of the season.
  • Aaron Rodgers: The most talented QB in the league, misses games every season however and struggles to put up points in the December cold.

Second Tier Quarterbacks

  • Ben Roethlisberger: The Marshawn Lynch of QBs, tears it up for the majority of the year but fades for a few games.
  • Philip Rivers: Moves the chains without an elite target, dinks and dunks a lot but probably because he has to.
  • Matt Ryan: Has elite weapons but the O-line was M.I.A. last season, ability to comeback and fit the ball in tight windows.
  • Andrew Luck: Right there with Aaron Rodgers in talent, ability to comeback and takeover, just inconsistent at this early point of his career.
  • Matthew Stafford: Rocket arm with more upside, needs to become more of a student and take care of the ball more.
  • Cam Newton: Leader of what looks like a one-man show at times, a big dual-threat difficult to take down, doesn’t throw too much though

Third Tier Quarterbacks

  • Russell Wilson: The dual-threat’s greatest quality is managing the offense, the Super Bowl winning QB guided enough points with so-so targets.
  • Tony Romo: Perhaps hindered by not having a veteran coach and leader to guide him, this guy works magic but stunts himself mentally.
  • Jay Cutler: Potential is good when you think about how good he could be, but the fact that we’re still saying that means he hasn’t quite reached it.
  • Robert Griffin: Will surely benefit under new coach Jay Gruden, the dual threat will bounce back as long as he can slide or run out of bounds after running.
  • Andy Dalton: Improving every season at the helm of a top offense, has a variety of weapons and mobility to make good things happen.

Need to see more…

  • Nick Foles: Even without film, nobody did what this kid did, big arm with the I.Q. to scramble here and there.
  • Eli Manning: Won a pair of Super Bowls because this is a team game, he stepped up in past postseasons but defaults to lead the league in interceptions again and again.
  • Joe Flacco: Had his 15 minutes of fame, now he’s surrounded with the tools to dissect defenses, which means that the excuses are running out.
  • Colin Kaepernick: Has a rifle and a knack for running wild in big games, good game manager that has an array of targets, just not so accurate.

He is who he is…

  • Alex Smith: Premier game manager that can move the chains with his feet, wonder what he could do if he had some standout weapons.
  • Carson Palmer: Gunslinger that depends on blocking, will throw some balls up for grabs with the ability to get streaky.
  • Matt Schaub: Despite last season this veteran has been reliable, he usually takes care of the ball and has a few big-yardage games every season.
  • Matt Cassel: Gritty signal caller with O.C. Norv Turner simplifying the offense, has playmakers to work with and is heady when it comes to scrambling.
  • Josh McCown: Impressive filling in for Jay Cutler with monster targets, now has big targets in TB, head on his shoulders got him a starting gig.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick: Not the best performer, gunslinger mentality tends to get him in trouble, can be streaky-good from time to time.
  • Chad Henne: Veteran guy holding it down while Blaine Gabbert sits and learns, good arm and tough guy that could benefit from throwing it away more.

Too early to tell…

  • Ryan Tannehill: Dual-threat going through growing pains, new O.C. Bill Lazor will help him grow as he does have solid receivers.
  • Jake Locker: Talented QB working with coach Ken Whisenhunt now, has fight in him but breaks off a lot of plays.
  • Sam Bradford: We just need to see this guy on the field for a whole season, after that he needs some respectable teammates to throw to.
  • E.J. Manuel: Run-first QB that got banged up in his rookie campaign, will rely on the ground game, big guy that can move around.
  • Geno Smith: Will rely on the ground game, he did have some clutch moments in a rough rookie year.
  • Johnny Manziel: Media highlights his life off the field, this guy worked out with a specialist heading into the draft, watch a few games before developing a football opinion.