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Hey sports fans, just wanted to let you know that when this page isn’t updated, you can still check out my daily and weekly articles at the following links. I just joined Rant Sports as a new writer, but will definitely keep posting here after getting my feet wet.

NFL articles:

NBA articles:

I appreciate the constant support. I hope you continue reading and even join the discussions on various sports topics with myself and each other. The goal is to improve sports coverage with better questions, better topics, and encouraging athletes to answer questions genuinely with transparency. I can’t stand the athletes that give us the same jargon and it’s time to hold them accountable because we are knowledgeable. After all, there are no sports without the body of fans and supporters like you and I.

As a sports writer, I will continue to do my best to provide relevance and give my full effort to improve the quality of athlete responses; to bring them closer to the media and fans that dedicate time and emotion to sports. Kind of like they do. With that said, I urge you to speak of what you know in forums and on social media outlets, so we all can take the sports interaction to the next level of greatness.