Fantasy Football: Every Team’s Positional One-Liners

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Team-by-Team Offensive Fantasy Outlooks


QB: Foles is the real deal in Kelly’s system

RB: McCoy MVP candidate, Sproles elite change-of-pace back

WR: Cooper got extension risky, Maclin on 1-year prove it deal, rookie Matthews

TE: Solid Celek with Ertz expected to have a breakout year



QB: Griffin, even with Gruden and Jackson, struggled in summer

RB: Morris made a name for himself, Helu 3rd down back gets nicked up

WR: Garcon off huge year as is Jackson, Roberts signed to play slot

TE: Injury-riddled Reed expected to breakout this season



QB: Romo off back surgery, Bryant gets doubled, Witten aging

RB: Murray off health/career year, Dunbar needs to stay healthy to change pace

WR: Bryant is glorified possession WR, Williams flashed plays last year

TE: Witten safety valve as usual, Escobar should get more snaps in 2-TE sets



QB: Manning turnover machine with weak O-line

RB: Jennings can carry/catch if he stays healthy, rookie Williams will mix in

WR: Cruz is smooth, Randle is OK, rookie Beckham banged up

TE: Rookie Robinson best receiver in 3-TE committee



QB: Wilson sharp over summer, dominant O-line gives Pryor cameos

RB: Lynch gets fed until legs fall off, backups change-of-pace/timeshare RBs

WR: Harvin playmaker but health, Jermaine Kearse deep threat, Baldwin possession

TE: Miller critical blocker, Willson pass-catcher here and there



QB: Kaepernick has all the weapons, rough summer, tough division

RB: Gore is reliable and Hyde is hungry after good summer, Lattimore always hurt

WR: Crabtree/Johnson healthy for now, Boldin consistent, Lloyd provides depth

TE: Davis is good all-around, could be featured more



QB: Palmer gunslinger in Arian’s passing offense, suspect O-line, tough division

RB: Ellington starting but not true workhorse, Dwyer backup that will get carries

WR: Fitz still good, torch passed to Floyd, Brown under the radar, summer impact

TE: Housler and the others are not relevant receivers, used as blockers



QB: Bradford went down again, no trade means rolling with veteran gunslinger Hill

RB: Stacy had good rookie year, Cunningham 5 ypc, Mason drafted 3rd round

WR: Britt 2nd shot, Austin gadget WR, Givens deep threat, Bailey suspended

TE: Cook is OK, could be good catching but has to help struggling O-line



QB: Rodgers healthy at the helm and gets to work with Lacy for more than half year

RB: Lacy will have Rodgers to ease attention out of box

WR: Nelson extension, Cobb back, Boykin to slot

TE: TE committee with no front-runners, Finley would be boost if healthy



QB: Cutler expected to take a leap in pass-happy offense, division up for grabs

RB: Forte is a stud, struggled to block, backups couldn’t hold the fort down

WR: arguably best duo in Marshall/Jeffery, Holmes 3rd WR until Wilson returns

TE: Bennett should take advantage of single coverage, very inconsistent player



QB: Cassel operating Turner’s offense with some weapons, OK line

RB: Peterson expected to get more catches, if he goes down Minny is done

WR: Patterson expected to breakout, Jennings perhaps relevance, Wright 3rd WR

TE: Rudolph expected to benefit the most of new offense



QB: Stafford working with Caldwell/Lombardi, favorable schedule, Tate added

RB: Bush/Bell keeps defenses on their heels, Riddick earning more snaps too

WR: Johnson is the best, Tate gets to sow what he can do, backs will catch a lot

TE: Committee approach with Pettigrew, Fauria, Ebron



QB: Brees recovering from oblique, loses OC, competitive division, still elite

RB: 3-headed monster Thomas/Ingram/Robinson

WR: Colston aging, Stills banged up deep threat, Cooks chess piece

TE: Graham is the man, needs receivers to gain separation when he draws doubles



QB: McCown in balanced offense, played well for Bears last year, shaky O-line

RB: Martin back, Rainey change-of-pace, Sims/James hurt, again shaky O-line

WR: Jackson stud, mirror image rookie Evans

TE: Myers was good for Raiders and decent for Giants



QB: Ryan balled without Jones and banged up White, O-line weak, MVP candidate

RB: Jackson’s age caught up, Rodgers role player, rookie Freeman

WR: Jones/White elite tandem, Douglas coming off first 1,000-yard season

TE: They have some guys, no relevant names to mention, hopefully they can block



QB: Newton coming of rib injury, probably has heaviest load to carry of all QBs

RB: Williams’ age caught up, Stewart hopefully stays healthy, Tolbert short-yardage

WR: rookie Benjamin has chemistry, Cotchery played well a year ago, Avant just OK

TE: Olsen flourishing with Newton



QB: Brady has all of his weapons right now, MVP candidate hungry for title

RB: Ridley fumbling roster spot? Vereen passing back, Bolden too, rookie White

WR: diverse: Edelman, Amendola, Thompkins, Dobbins

TE: Gronk hopes to stay away from unlucky hits, Wright acquired form TB



QB: Tannehill gets offense catered to his skills, weak O-line

RB: Miller played decent this summer, Moreno’s health could make him feature back

WR: Wallace little chemistry, Hartline possession guy, Gibson/Landry slot options

TE: Clay H-back, should have standout games based upon matchup



QB: Smith starts but doesn’t look good, Vick backup and didn’t beat him out

RB: Johnson/Ivory expected timeshare, Powell passing back

WR: Decker will eat up the targets, everyone else is unproven

TE: couple TE options, probably committee approach, rookie Amaro



QB: Manuel summer struggles, run-oriented offense, mediocre division

RB: Spiller/Jackson timeshare, Brown pushing for snaps, backs will catch a ton

WR: rookie Watkins, veteran Williams, sophomore Woods

TE: Chandler solid in run game, will make a few catches per game



QB: Manning coming off career year, tough schedule, avg. nearly 40 ppg

RB: Ball expected to be workhorse, Hillman backup, Anderson 3rd back will play

WR: Thomas stud, Welker concussion issues, Sanders #2, Caldwell OK last year

TE: Thomas broke out and should have another big year, worked with HOF Tony G



QB: Smith won’t throw downfield, tough schedule, Reid’s offense looks outdated

RB: Charles great but hurt late last year/summer, Davis OK backup, rookie Thomas

WR: Bowe will miss first game, hasn’t been good, the rest aren’t NFL starters

TE: Kelce is best pass catcher but currently 2nd string, Fasano is run blocker



QB: Rivers won Comeback Player award, tough schedule, Floyd back, loses OC

RB: Mathews 1,000-yard season, Woodhead elite change-of-pace, Brown reliable

WR: Allen flourished as rookie, Floyd looks great, Royal speed, Ajirotutu avg. 20 ypc

TE: Gates healthy to start year, Green will play a lot if not eventually break out



QB: Schaub veteran coming off worst season, rough summer, toughest schedule

RB: Jones-Drew broke long run over summer, McFadden timeshare, rookie Murray

WR: Jones from GB, Streeter, Brown summer standout, Moore falling off, Holmes big

TE: Rivera backup, Ausberry nicked up



QB: Dalton coming off good year, contract extension, loses Gruden, gets Jackson

RB: Bernard will get more touches, rookie Hill expected to get touches too

WR: Green is a stud, Sanu having good camp, Jones hurt but starter upon return

TE: Eifert receiving TE, Gresham the blocker that can do a little catching



QB: Flacco surrounded with deeper arsenal, addition of Kubiak

RB: Rice will miss 2 games, Pierce banged up, he’s just OK

WR: Torrie broke out, Steve still good, Brown showed flashes, Jones some slot snaps

TE: Pitta back/featured, Daniels with Kubiak again although banged up again



QB: Roethlisberger is good just not all the time, unknown targets, questionable line

RB: Hopefully Bell/Blount can hit the hole too, rookie Archer made summer plays

WR: Brown is the man, hoping Wheaton/Moore/DHB can contribute, rookie Bryant

TE: Miller returns as the safety valve, all-around TE



QB: Hoyer started 3-1 before going down, Manziel dual-threat backup for now

RB: Tate reunites with Shanahan/zone-scheme, injury-prone, rookie West

WR: Gordon gone, Austin starting with Hawkins, Burleson on the cusp

TE: Cameron should lead the team in targets



QB: Luck reunites with OC Hamilton, gets Wayne/Allen back, favorable schedule

RB: Richardson expected to bounce back, Bradshaw vital, 3rd RB Herron lurking

WR: veteran Wayne, breaking out Hilton, acquired Nicks, rookie Moncrief

TE: Allen had good rookie year, Fleener is OK, also reunites with Hamilton



QB: Fitzpatrick gunslinger with QB whisperer O’ Brien, favorable div/schedule

RB: Foster needs to stay healthy, Grimes/Blue timeshare if Foster’s out

WR: Johnson is great, Hopkins expected to take a step, Martin in slot

TE: Graham assumes the starting gig, just another guy benefing from coach though



QB: Rookie Bortles looks like best man for job, Henne paid to take lumps until then

RB: Gerhart gets to show what he learned from A.P., Todman/Robinson behind him

WR: Rookie Lee, Shorts is good role player when healthy, Hurns good summer

TE: Lewis blocks a lot to help line, good receiver



QB: Locker gets guru Whisenhunt, looks OK, rookie Mettenberge waiting

RB: Rookie Sankey, signed versatile McCluster, vet Greene is w/a, Washington fast

WR: Wright 1,000-yard season, Hunter expected to leap, vet Washington is good

TE: Walker will benefit under Whisenhunt, somewhat featured