NFL Week 2 Thoughts: Morning Games


It was only a matter of time before Robert Griffin gave way to Kirk Cousins, regardless of the situation. Washington is better to watch with Cousins at the helm, and they’re a better offense. Unfortunately, Griffin is believed to have a dislocated ankle.

Roy Helu is doing everything Jay Gruden wants him to in limited snaps for the Redskins. He’s shifty and heady, he finds a way to get first downs on third downs, whether carrying or receiving.

The Patriots knew they were drafting a future star in 3-4 defensive end Chandler Jones. The guy has been a force for a couple seasons now, returning a blocked field goal to end the half in Minnesota. The Vikings can’t get anything going in the absence of A.P.

Mohammed Sanu isn’t a household name, but he is a versatile weapon for the Bengals. He gets hand-offs and pitches to even throw passes, yet he entered the season as the number two receiver. Today A.J. Green exits with a toe injury, with Marvin Jones sidelined for a few weeks. Sanu threw a 60-yard bomb and caught a 76-yard score, running to the house after an intermediate post in the middle of the field.

Patrick Peterson is an elite cornerback, but still not the best. Last week he stood on the quarterback’s front side, much like Richard Sherman is known for. This week, he is getting beat by the receivers on the Giants and Eli Manning had been struggling. He got scored on by Victor Cruz and Reuben Randle.

I still think the G-Men are a 3-4 win team at best this season, but any type of boost certainly helps. The boost they got today was that Carson Palmer wasn’t going to play. That gives their defense a big break against a very good offense with Palmer in the lineup. It also gives their struggling offense ample opportunities against a stout, but banged up Cardinals defense.

Even after I saw the Browns return a Drew Brees pick to the house, I knew the second half would be a different story after their hot start. It’s good to see them be competitive in the first two weeks, but New Orleans will pull this road win off.

Joe Haden cannot contain Antonio Brown anytime they square off. Today, he might have a handle on Marques Colston, but was no match for Jimmy Graham on a fade for a touchdown. Graham’s got a pair of scores now, and the Saints took the lead. It’s a game though, Clevelandjust regained the lead, riding rookie back Terrence West to the endzone.

Miami has no offense without Knowshon Moreno, who left after his first touch with an elbow injury.

A-T-L confirming thoughts about a dome team not being able to play on the road. They’re getting pounced on by the Bengals, who are now doing whatever they want.

Detroit trying to shake off that generality with the lead in Carolina, but there’s plenty of time left in the third quarter. As I say that, the Panthers are driving.

Dallas needs to not shoot themselves in the foot. Keep giving DeMarco Murray the ball, and keep spelling him here and there. It protects aging and evidently hobbled Tony Romo from thinking too much, and that porous defense on the sidelines.

Tennessee coming out in the second half with some fire. Ken Whisenhunt is trying to dial things up to literally will his offense to put points on the scoreboard. The Whiz knows nothing happens overnight, so he’s rotating skill positions in and out in the meantime.