NFL 2-Point Conversion: Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice


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How many companies out there would suspend or terminate an employee if their personal life did not affect their profession?

Adrian Peterson suited up for the Minnesota Vikings in week 1, touching the ball 23 times for 93 yards against the St. Louis Rams. The Vikings are built around A.P. and the man opened up the passing game, to dismantle the Rams on the road in the opener. Ray Rice was last in action in the preseason, where he started to look like his shifty old self again. He fought through nagging injuries before getting into the fight of his life.

Peterson’s child abuse case is being handled by the law. His Nike sponsor pulled some apparel from the Minnesota area, and the governor wants the Vikings to suspend him. A.P. was deactivated in week 2, where the Vikings looked like a completely different team. I understand that the New England Patriots can have that type of affect on opponents, but Minny just looked lifeless. Football aside, Peterson is going through the process of the law. Why is the NFL so intent on penalizing athletes to miss games and paychecks?

Ray Rice struck his wife in case you haven’t seen the footage by now. What he did was completely in the wrong. In no way am I defending that slip up, but did you see how his wife was treating him too? It just wasn’t pretty and very unfortunate, but do keep in mind that they actually got married after that incident. Suspending Rice also hurts his wife as far as the future and finances are concerned. Hasn’t she, literally, been punished enough? Why suspend Rice indefinitely, because the NFL has no idea what they’re doing?

By NFL, you could very well substitute commissioner, Roger Goodell, every time you read that.

Peterson has had a couple cases relating to child abuse. I am one of those throwback people, that doesn’t have kids and won’t for a few years, but I grew up with physical discipline and I feel it benefited me. With news about the kid having cuts and bruises from his back to his legs, even a report about getting struck in the head and accidentally, testicles, of course I feel the result is child abuse. It is and there’s no way around that. Spanking a kid or using a belt or shoe, whatever it may be, is considered excessive. It’s not always the method my parents chose to discipline me, but when the time came I got it and learned real quick.

Look, it’s one thing to stand up for those that need help, or feel that they have little or no voice. It’s another thing to bring up every little thing, consider it an issue, overreact to every single thing and act righteous about it. I’m all for correcting issues and helping people. Privacy is one thing, but A.P.’s ex-wife was legitimately concerned about her child, and Rice’s action were caught on camera in public.

I don’t think either player should get a pass. I just want to see the legal process carry out these cases as they should, not the NFL because of affiliates and business purposes. I really don’t think a doctor, technician, or other employee would face the same consequences from their respective employers. Usually, important decisions are made by a committee, with the person in charge taking the fall and getting the glory.

Changing Rice’s suspension from two games to indefinite, an being very suspicious about the case and video details…

Not approaching the Vikings to make a decision on Peterson, but rather they deactivated their star player…

Not approaching the Panthers until this week about star defensive end, Greg Hardy, and his domestic assault case…

Let’s not even elaborate on the inconsistent time frames for suspension for substance abuse…

Roger Goodell just might have to go. It’s been the No Fun League for quite some time, pretty much during Goodell’s tenure. I want the legal system to do what it does, and the NFL to entertain. Really, no celebrations? I should stop now before the penalty changes take us down another worm hole.