NFL Offensive Stats


Three teams in the league average over 30 points per game:

Atlanta Falcons 34.3 – They sure do light up the scoreboard in the Dirty Dome, just not so much as they struggled to score double-digits in Cincy in week 2.

Philadelphia Eagles 33.7 – This has been the best second half team in football, perhaps this number jumps up if they started games better.

Indianapolis Colts 31.7 – Their balanced attack has given them efficient results to start the season, the main reason Trent Richardosn still plays is to keep Ahmad Bradshaw healthy.

Six teams have racked up an average of over 400 yards of offense per game:

Atlanta Falcons 455 yards – There’s a reason I predicted Matt Ryan as my MVP runner-up, except he’s far and away the leading candidate after two NFC Player of the Week awards.

Washington Redskins 444- This team caught fire because Kirk Cousins is the right man to guide Jay Gruden’s ship.

Indianapolis Colts 426 yards – Andrew Luck isn’t zeroing in on one target anymore, he’s sharing the wealth.

New Orleans Saints 421.7 – Things haven’t looked pretty but you can never doubt Sean Payton and Drew Brees.

Pittsburgh Steelers 419.3 – The emergence of the ground game has turned this into a complete offense.

Philadelphia Eagles 419 yards – They try to beat you with the ground game, but when you stack the box they’ve won games through the air.

Four teams have chucked for over 300 passing yards per game:

Atlanta Falcons 337.7 – Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, and Devin Hester, that’s why.

Philadelphia Eagles 310.3 – When it’s not LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles, Nick Foles continues to earn his stripes and Zack Ertz is breaking out.

Washington Redskins 308.7 – Alfred Morris punches the body of a defense, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson provide the knockout punch.

Indianapolis Colts 303.7 – Ahmad Bradshaw has been the x-factor underneath while Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton are spreading the field.

Only nine average less than 100 yards. Six teams average at least 140 yards on the ground.

Pittsburgh Steelers 163.3 – Le’Veon Bell is just exploding out of a cannon right now, his by LeGarrette Blount chimed in last week.

New York Jets 157.3 – Chris Johnson isn’t producing like he wants with all the defensive attention, but Chris Ivory is taking advantage by gaining big chunks.

Dallas Cowboys 156.7 – The O-line is paving a path, but even when there’s nothing DeMarco Murray is running like he’s possessed.

Seattle Seahawks 148 – Beat mode and the Hawks’ line continues to pound the rock, and Marshawn Lynch has to be gang tackled.

Houston Texans 140.7 – Arian Foster showed his value by looking like him old self, and by missing last week’s game where they looked lifeless.

New Orleans Saints 140.7 – The three-headed committee is down to a tandem now, this attack definitely benefits from having Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham.

Only 11 teams average less than 20 first downs, with the top three converting at least 25 on average.

New Orleans Saints 27.7 – The masterful Sean Payton and future HOF Drew Brees go marching in every week of every season, and Jimmy Graham is the best in the game.

Washington Redskins 26.3 – The playcalling of first-time Coach Jay Gruden has spread the wealth in a talented offense.

Indianapolis Colts 25.3 – They focus on running, have passing targets with different skills, and Andrew Luck runs when he needs to when he’s not drawing defenders off-sides.

A handful of teams convert on at least half of their third down situations.

New Orleans Saints 61.5% – Thanks to Jimmy Graham.

Detroit Lions 56.3% – Calvin Johnson is the best in the game, and he has a pair of versatile backs to work underneath.

Dallas Cowboys 54.3% – The two-man game of DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant.

San Francisco 49ers 52.6% – There isn’t anything this offense can’t do, they are deep with a variety of ways to hit you.

Atlanta Falcons 50% – Definitely because of their weapons through the air.

Three teams have already committed 30 penalties or more:

San Francisco 49ers 36 – A physical team usually gets flagged for being too physical, it doesn’t help when Anquan Boldin gets in on the penalty action too.

Pittsburgh Steelers 31 – The O-line is so-so, Bell is just playing lights out and Big Ben knows how overcompensate.

New England Patriots 30 – No wonder Tom Brady was upset with the trading Logan Mankins.

Four teams have been flagged for at least 300 yards on penalties:

New England Patriots 322 – Bill Belichick is trying to work with the young defenders on playing physical rather than hold.

St. Louis Rams 305 – Young defense that Jeff Fisher tells to stop a big play, even at the expense of a whistle.

San Francisco 49ers 303 – The O-line and Colin Kaepernick are off-beat right now.

Washington Redskins 300 – They’re not very good defensively, they just sell out on the run and take out receivers downfield when they get beat.

Four teams have committed less than 15 penalties:

Baltimore Ravens 12 – Clean football so far from a patient offense.

New Orleans Saints 12 – Another patient offense that has executed for years and trusts itself with their backs against the wall.

Miami Dolphins 13 – Amidst injuries, Joe Philbin continues to weather the storm and should get more credit without a “franchise QB.”

Kansas City Chiefs 14 – Andy Reid keeps his offense disciplined while Alex Smith can move around enough to allow linemen to get beat occasionally.

Three teams have been penalized for less than 100 yards:

Oakland Raiders 93 – Great improvement, maybe Dennis Allen should get credit for steering them in the right direction despite losing.

New Orleans Saints 96 – Like I said, clean football by some offensive gurus that will grill players for committing penalties.

Baltimore Ravens 96 – They are keeping cool, calm, and collective.

Only the Jacksonville Jaguars have had the ball for less than 25 minutes per game on average.



A handful of teams average over 33 minutes of time of possession:

Detroit Lions 34:59 – Jim Caldwell and Joe Lombardi are milking everything they have out of every position.

Washington Redskins 34:54 – Kirk Cousins and Alfred Morris compliment each other well.

San Diego Chargers 34:00 – Mike McCoy did this last season, and he’s doing it again with Philip Rivers despite a pile of injuries.

Indianapolis Colts 33:28 – This is what they’re trying to do, and they’re sucking the life out of defenses.

Dallas Cowboys 33:15 – Like the others on this list, they’re protecting a bottom-tier defense and giving themselves a chance to win.

Only a pair of teams rank in the top 10 for rushing and passing:

New Orleans Saints – 6th rushing, 5th passing, 4th overall

Washington Redskins – 9th rushing, 3rd passing, 2nd overall

Only the Oakland Raiders rank in the bottom five of both rushing and passing, placing last in overall offense.