Packers Settling for Field Goals in Seattle

The Green Bay Packers are an elite offense that routinely caps off drives by scoring touchdowns. With Pro Bowl caliber players all over the offense, the Cheeseheads rack up yardage and score with the best of them.

All season long, as well as in the past, head coach Mike McCarthy has been aggressive near the goal line. Instead of settling for the conventional field goal on 4th down, the Packers often go for it on 4th and short. With an offense that dynamic and successful, it’s easy to have confidence with Aaron Rodgers under center.

The Seattle Seahawks are a different beast. The Legion of Boom has touted the best defense in football for the past two seasons. The perfect compliment has been the combination of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, not only making them tough to beat in ay given week, but nearly impossible at home with the 12th Man.

In the first half, the Packers had a lob-sided advantage in field position and were able to come away with points. Deep inside Seattle territory, the Seahawks made a pair of goal line stands to force Mason Crosby to take Rodgers and the offense off the field. There’s always more than one way to look at things, but I do agree with McCarthy taking the points on the road with a trip to the big game on the line. After all, they were up 16-0 at the half.

Green Bay was grinding out an impressively played game, especially defensively. They contained “Beast Mode” just enough to force Wilson to throw on 3rd downs, and they picked him off four times. The defense kept forcing turnovers while the offense put up points. The Seahawks aren’t best suited to play from behind, and the Packers were a few minutes away from going to the Super Bowl. It took a few defensive stops by the defending champions in the 4th quarter, and the offense rose to the clutch occasion like great teams do.

It would obviously make a big difference if those field goals were converted into touchdowns instead, like they’re used to doing. We’re talking about one of the best coaches, a team that knows how to win, they’ve hoisted the trophy before, with a top franchise quarterback in a fully-loaded offense. These guys went on the road in the most hostile environment, showed respect to the best D in the league, but also had the confidence in themselves and they kept scoring points. They just got outplayed in the last handful of minutes, then the Seahawks pulled off the miracle comeback.