Buy or Sell: NFC Offseason Rumors

Sell: The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to trade up in the draft to select Marcus Mariota.

The quarterback carousel continues for the Eagles since the departure of Donovan McNabb, a future Hall of Famer in my book. Entering the final year of his deal, Nick Foles will try to regain his impressive 2013 form after missing the second half of 2014 due to injury. There are no prized free agent QBs, as usual, with only a few college prospects garnering attention for the 2015 draft. Eagles coach, Chip Kelly, has proven that he can win 10 games with different quarterbacks and number one receivers. Reuniting with Mariota would be costly, and when you think about it, the elite-ranked offense isn’t the problem even without stability at the helm. Trading multiple draft picks in the upcoming draft, and likely next year as well, would hold the defense back from making the necessary improvements. What I’m saying is, if the guy isndoesn’t turn out to be Foles, it also doesn’t have to be an expensive rookie either.

Buy: Adrian Peterson will play for the Dallas Cowboys.

I actually told my inner circle of football followers this back in 2008, that this would only take a matter of time. Regardless of the reason and situation, I just felt that Peterson wanted to win and try to turn around America’s team. The future Hall of Fame running back is from Texas, so I always thought he would return to his home state to play for Jerry Jones. Peterson is a star, and I buy him wearing a star on his helmet someday, just not in 2015. I don’t believe he plays out the duration of his current contract, which would have him hitting free agency in 2018 at age 33 at that point. The Vikings could enter the playoff picture, as early as next season, with Peterson on board and featured again.

Sell: With a new regime in Chicago now, Brandon Marshall could be a cap casualty.

New head coach, John Fox, likes veterans to play on the field and lead in the locker room. That is exactly what B-Marsh does, with animation, and that’s what makes him a special player. There was no drop-off in Marshall’s play, it was just a bad season for the Bears. It’s tough on a wide receiver that is a team leader, more so than quarterback Jay Cutler, because for some reason he isn’t supposed to be the vocal guy. Marshall is more of a leader than prima donna in recent years, and his production is tied to a sensitive Cutler that simply struggled. He also got a little banged up. He is still the best target on the team, even with Alshon Jeffery coming along. Jeffery and Marquess Wilson need Marshall’s presence, as does Cutler, Matt Forte, and the new coaching staff. This rumor is a bluff to me this offseason, but will be revisited around this time next year.