Jags Should Let Backfield Play Out

Denard Robinson & Toby Gerhart

These Jacksonville running backs both deserve a fair crack at earning a larger role. Gerhart was signed last season, only to get nicked up in the opening game and it took half a season for him to get integrated back into the offense. Robinson gradually earned more snaps and produced, with a few standout performances, but ended the year on the shelf. The former quarterback and receiver is very talented, and a playmaker when on the field, so he should enter 2015 as the projected starter.

For some reason, the Jaguars were in the market for DeMarco Murray, recently signed Bernard Pierce, and are rumored to have interest in the upcoming draft as well. Pierce is a marginal talent that just got a DUI, which led to the Ravens releasing him. I think the Jags need to let these backs play things out, especially when the bigger problem was the lack of a passing attack last season.

Around mid-season, Robinson and Gerhart looked solid as a 1-2 punch, granted, the O-line wasn’t necessarily stellar either. The Jags could start to turn their good fortunes around by allowing some of their players with potential on their roster to play, whether they produce or fade themselves out, rather than looking for immediate replacements every offseason.