Browns Need to Help Manziel Grow

Pulling the plug on a high draft pick is something a new regime may do to save financially, but not something a current front office does if they want to save face.

Why in the world would the Cleveland Browns be so quick to dismiss Johnny Manziel after the whirlwind of a calendar year it has been between them? GM Ray Farmer is entering his second season, as is tough-minded head coach Mike Pettine. New offensive coordinator, John DeFilippo, coached the quarterbacks for the Oakland Raiders in the last few seasons. DeFilippo worked with an impressive Derek Carr for the Silver & Black. Regardless of what the statistics show, Carr looked better thn those numbers and showed some real promise, so hopefully some of that work translates from the Black Hole to the Dog Pound.

Johnny Football was the 22nd pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the second of the Browns’ pair of first rounders. Whether it be media boredom or the fact that Manziel has been in rehab this offseason, this franchise should do everything they can to help a young man grow and mature. A rocky start happens throughout professional sports and al across the workforce, plus they knew who they were drafting after extensive research. One season is not enough time to see out this investment, one that excites many teammates like center Alex Mack, who recently said that Manziel wouldn’t have to earn his trust back. This comes after left tackle Joe Thomas spoke out about Manziel losing a lot of trust with how he carried himself in his rookie campaign.

Simply put, there is a group of polarizing figures that will always have supporters and critics, such as NBA star LeBron James, golfer Tiger Woods, and wrestler John Cena. The story will continue to be the same with Manziel, until we see something publicly different. That will be the telling sign that things have consistently changed for the better behind closed doors.

With only Josh McCown competing at quarterback, in all likelihood, the Browns will select another signal caller in the upcoming draft. Now, Cleveland has been in a funk for quite some time, including last season when they finished 7-9 with only 5 appearances from the rookie out of Texas A&M.

So no, unless they can swap him for that rumored offer of Sam Bradford, don’t expect Manziel to go anywhere else this offseason. Cleveland’s front office has been laughable, and even if they admit to a mistake by using a first round pick on Manziel, it is way too early to give up on him without striking a trade. McCown is a stop-gap option, but his best asset is serving as one of the league’s best backup quarterbacks. Manziel will compete with him, and probably a rookie selected n the first three rounds.

Sometimes, a struggling franchise does whatever it takes to sell tickets when they can’t pull enough W’s together for postseason contention. One thing is for certain, the starting quarterback will have played better than the other guys on the roster. Also, the opening day starter doesn’t always finish the season at the helm. In actuality, Cleveland will probably go through another season that ends on the Sunday of week 17. The team isn’t an easy out on game days, but losing is what they’ve been most consistent at in this NFL business.

With that said, if Manziel isn’t carrying himself as a professional, then they need to meet him halfway. It all comes down to that one individual in the middle of it all. If the guy is doing all the right things, then it would be better for the franchise to roll with him under center, going through young QB woes on a team that expects to go through those woes anyways. If the Browns were a playoff team or Super Bowl contender, they could afford to rid themselves of the headache or keep him on the sidelines for as long as they could tolerate him. That’s just not where things are, they need to steer the ship in the right direction, and a high draft pick is usually relied upon to be one of those leaders.

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