Chargers Heading Into the Draft

Every year I complain that they don’t make the offensive line a priority, and deservedly so. Drafting D.J. Fluker was a good sign, but it simply isn’t, and wasn’t enough. That’s the very reason that some Philip Rivers injury news gets released after each season. He’s a tough quarterback that plays through injury without making much of it, but the front office has failed him. Well, with the move to Los Angles likely to happen, as predicted by the way, Rivers has expressed that he doesn’t want to be a part of that relocation.

So, reuniting with Ken Whisenhunt has been a topic of conversation. Considering the Titans have the second pick in the draft, Marcus Mariota has also been in Charger talks in a possible swap. Popping up today, Eric Weddle was a no show at voluntary workout today. Even though Weddle normally shows up to everything, the reason that this is news is because he feels disrespected by the Bolts. Entering the final year of his deal, the best safety in the game said it’s been a hassle just to even speak with the Chargers. He and his agent were told that they were not a priority.

Look, I get that, but there should probably be more communication and respect for a player of his caliber. Granted, Weddle wants to retire a Charger and this can easily get resolved with an extension. Apparently, the phone lines are hot about Rivers’ future with draft weekend coming up at the end of the month. Whatever the Bolts choose to do at quarterback, they need to protect their guy and not give him a make-shift O-line. San Diego isn’t known to hold teams down on the scoreboard, nor can they afford to get int shootouts.

This is what happens when you get a new general manager in town, especially a successful one like Tom Telesco, who wants to build and re-tool the roster his way. If they miss the playoffs again, that would really put head coach Mike McCoy on the hot seat, but probably not Telesco himself.